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NinjaCat 3.7 - February 13th, 2019

What’s New

PDF Download for Dashboards

  • PDF downloads are now available on Dashboards. On a Dashboard, download the current Tab with all date, and custom comparison date ranges selected. Table Filters aren’t currently applied to the PDF download, but will in a future update.

Snap to Grid Toggle & Arrows

  • In the Template and Annotation Editors, you can now turn on and off the Snap to Grid functionality so you can get precise with your widget placements.
  • Also, you can move widgets 1 pixel at a time with the keyboard arrow keys.
  • And lastly, you can navigate through pages inside the Template and Annotation Editors by pressing the arrow keys

Decimal and Abbreviation Controls

  • You can now control the decimals visible from metric to metric.
    In addition, you can abbreviate numbers by showing shortened numbers. For example, 14,843 becomes 14.8k.

Donut Charts

  • Mmmm… Donut… Charts have been added. Create a Pie Chart and define the size of the hole.

And more...

  • URLs in tables are now clickable.
  • We made some necessary updates to Twitter


  • When filtering multiple Dimensions on a Dashboard table, we used to show results that met any of the filtering criteria. Now we show only results that meet all the filtering criteria.
  • You can now set the Earliest and Latest reporting dates independently, and one won’t require the other to be set.
  • Comparing months with a different number of days now always returns the correct comparison results.
  • Due to some timezone mistranslation, we were sometimes showing today’s data.
  • Previously, if a Sizmek campaign ended during the reporting period, it would not be included in the final report. We’re now including those Sizmek campaigns, even if they ended during the reporting period.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented Adobe Analytics from being used in Global Filters.
  • We now return Bing cost data for Budgets.

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