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NinjaCat 3.7 - February 13th, 2019

What’s New

PDF Download for Dashboards

  • PDF downloads are now available on Dashboards. On a Dashboard, download the current Tab with all date, and custom comparison date ranges selected. Table Filters aren’t currently applied to the PDF download, but will in a future update.  To enable PDF exporting on dashboards, there is a new switch, "Enable Exporting", that can be enabled when setting up the dashboard profile:

Snap to Grid Toggle & Arrows

  • In the Template and Annotation Editors, you can now turn on and off the Snap to Grid functionality so you can get precise with your widget placements.  Click the button near the bottom-right corner of the template editor to flip settings:
  • Also, you can move widgets 1 pixel at a time with the keyboard arrow keys.
  • And lastly, you can navigate through pages inside the Template and Annotation Editors by pressing the arrow keys

Decimal and Abbreviation Controls

  • You can now control the decimals visible from metric to metric.
    In addition, you can abbreviate numbers by showing shortened numbers. For example, 14,843 becomes 14.8k.

Donut Charts

  • Mmmm… Donut… Charts have been added. Create a Pie Chart and define the size of the hole.

And more...

  • URLs in tables are now clickable.
  • We made some necessary updates to Twitter


  • When filtering multiple Dimensions on a Dashboard table, we used to show results that met any of the filtering criteria. Now we show only results that meet all the filtering criteria.
  • You can now set the Earliest and Latest reporting dates independently, and one won’t require the other to be set.
  • Comparing months with a different number of days now always returns the correct comparison results.
  • Due to some timezone mistranslation, we were sometimes showing today’s data.
  • Previously, if a Sizmek campaign ended during the reporting period, it would not be included in the final report. We’re now including those Sizmek campaigns, even if they ended during the reporting period.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented Adobe Analytics from being used in Global Filters.
  • We now return Bing cost data for Budgets.

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