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Misc - Integrations in 3.6 - Act-On, WhatConverts, YouTube Organic


Act-On Integration

  • To Connect at the agency level  or the account level
  • Clients may need to locate their “Client ID” and “Client Secret” to connect Act-On at the agency level if they cannot locate these credentials they can either directly reach out to a representative from Act-On or submit a request with this link to request these credentials.
  • The current rate is 20 API calls per minute, and 5 authentication calls per hour. Production accounts are automatically given 1000 requests/day for the free API access tier.


WhatConverts Integration

  • WhatConverts will work as a stand-alone network or as part of Call Tracking. Please note that when selecting to show data by selecting “Call Tracking” you will still be getting aggregate call tracking data across connected networks and you can either filter by WhatConverts or you can select WhatConverts alone as a data source.
  • To connect at the Agency level - You will be asked to enter both your Password and Token which can either be obtained by reaching out to a WhatConverts representative or in the admin settings when logged into your WhatConverts network.
  • To connect at the advertiser level - You will easily be able to select your choice of connected networks and a dropdown to select your desired account is present.
  • Mapping - There is custom mapping for WhatConverts. This allows users to include data they cannot pull through the direct integration (i.e. Submission Forms) - please see This Link for a brief explanation of how mapping works.
    • Note about mapping - There is NO dimension or metric dropdown when setting up mapping at the agency level. This implies that people setting up their mapping will need to match their text exactly how it appears on their WhatConverts source.
  • With an agency connection, there should be about 5,000 requests per a day for API calls. Many clients will not be making this many calls but please reach out in any case you are exceeding data limits.


YouTube Organic Integration

  • This is an open authorization network (OAuth) to connect at both the agency and advertiser level - link here
  • Users will need to have credentials connected that have 'Manager' or higher permissions to connect channels that will return data values. (anyone can add their own youtube channel but without these permissions, data will not return)
  • There are no cost metrics for YouTube - margins are not available
  • Please note - this is YouTube Organic, the data values returned will be relevant to YouTube channels and their performance, not the ads associated with the channels.


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