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NinjaCat 3.6 - January 21st, 2019



  • We’re excited to release three new Integrations, Act-on, WhatConverts, and YouTube Organic. For more information on these integrations, click here.

What’s New

We’ve streamlined the ways you can view Dashboards

  • When accessing a dashboard from the Account List or Account Command Center, you’ll be able to switch to any Account that your user account has permissions to access. You’ll see the Dashboard profile configured to that Account.
    • Use this option when you want the Account you select to use that Account’s default Dashboard.
  • When accessing via the Dashboard page via the Reporting Tab, you’ll see the Dashboard profile you’ve selected and you’ll be able to populate that Dashboard with any Account you have permission to access.
    • Use this option if you want to see the same Dashboard profile with different accounts data populated within it.

Leverage your External IDs

  • The External IDs, those IDs found under account management, can now be pulled directly into reports. You can find this dimension under the aggregate dimension ‘External ID’

And more...

  • Google Ads API required some mandatory updates in January

  • Google+ Sign-In is being deprecated March 7th, so we’ve made the necessary changes to prepare for that


  • When setting up SMTP email settings it was previously a required field to provide an email address. Now, if you want us to handle the email address, Agencies with no address in their SMTP settings will send emails from ‘Donotreply@mymarketingreports.com
  • When combining Margins with widgets that used comparisons we were using the Primary date range for both the primary data and the comparison data. Most of the time this was correct, but if the margin changed between the Primary and comparison months, the wrong margin was used. This is now fixed and we’ll use the Comparison month’s margin.
  • When using certain placeholder clips, the incorrect reports name was appearing in the filename of reports. Reports will now be generated with the correct names.
  • In some cases totals rows that should have appeared on the PDF weren’t. We’ve fixed it and now the “results not shown” and total rows are working properly.
  • We found an issue that prevented users from selecting all available WhatConverts accounts in that provider if it the number accounts in the provider exceeded a certain amount. We’re paging correctly now, and you’ll now see all of your available WhatConverts accounts.
  • An error was preventing users from connecting more than one Amazon Ads network user. This has been fixed.
  • To improve data accuracy with our SQL connector, when we pull data on a daily basis, we’re now gathering the last 65 days worth of data, rather than the last 35 days. If you make changes to your historical data, we’re more likely to catch it now.
  • The DoubleClick Search Flood Activity Tag now works with DFA Actions, DFA Revenue, and DFA Transactions
  • In rare cases, if certain special characters were used in an Agency’s email templates, it was breaking that Agency’s dashboard. Super weird… but we fixed it. You can now use special characters in your emails.
  • We fixed a bug that was excluding the DoubleClick suite from Budgets (beta). You should now have access to all DoubleClick data sources.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that prevented the Budget (beta) cycle from resetting at the end of the cycle period. Everything should reset neatly at the end of the cycle.
  • When first setting up a Budget in Budgets (beta) we think that you DO care if you’re over or under budget, so now thresholds are turned On by default.



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