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NinjaCat 3.5 - December 19th, 2018



FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Integration

  • We’re excited to introduce a new way to connect your data. With FTP Integration, you can send your data via FTP. For more information, click here.

What’s New

Custom Comparisons for Templates

  • You’re now able to select any Custom date range for your Comparisons. You’ll find a new option under comparisons called ‘Custom’ which will allow you to pick any date range you’d like.

  • You’ll have quick select options, relative date ranges, and absolute, just like in the primary date range picker.

Default Dashboards for existing Agencies

  • Agencies who recently had v2 Dashboards enabled will now see a default dashboard available for use when they decide to start using v2 Dashboards.

And more!

  • For the URL integration, we now support HTTP Posts, Headers, and Body.

  • If you have ‘Insecure Login’ turned on for Dashboards, you can now get your links in a single Account export. Click the “Export CSV” button on the Accounts page to download the CSV.


  • For Global Filters, certain Data Sources were not available. Data Sources that shared a token will now appear on the Data Sources drop-down. We now support LinkedIn Organization, Twitter Organic, Facebook Insights, and all DoubleClick data sources.

  • We fixed an issue that was preventing users from saving some metrics in the Facebook Conversion Metric under the Advanced settings for Accounts

  • When using Global Filters, if ‘Regex’ was selected, but the value was left blank, it was causing an error. Here at NinjaCat, we firmly believe you have the right to leave Regex fields blank if you feel like it, and so now you can.

  • You can now use LinkedIn and Campaign Groups together.

  • When setting up an Email Integration with CSV, if you uploaded a new CSV while configuring the Email Integration, it wasn’t displaying the new headers from the newly uploaded CSV. Now, if you upload a second CSV, it will use the new headers.

  • In addition, when configuring Email Integration, if a CSV had blank rows, it was causing some errors. You can now have blank rows in CSVs.

  • Adobe Analytics Customer Dimensions and Metrics weren’t appearing in the Template Editor. They’ll now appear in the Custom Dimensions drop-down as an option.

  • Facebook Insight Posts are now clickable in Tables of PDF reports and Dashboards.

  • A few AdWords Metrics and Dimensions names were updated by Google, so we’ve updated ours to keep things as accurate as possible.

    • Keywords → Keywords Count
    • Changed Ad Group Criteria → Changed Keywords
    • Removed Ad Group Criteria → Removed Keywords

  • Some large LinkedIn network accounts (those with over 1000 campaigns) were receiving errors due to the size of the network. LinkedIn accounts can now have as many campaigns as needed.

  • In report profiles, the Report Name now reflects the correct client account.

  • We’re now computing the total row correctly for Bing ROAS by taking the average rather than taking the total.

  • In the Account Groups features, the counter wasn’t always showing exactly how many accounts were associated with each Account Group. We conferred with the folks in the ‘Counting Department’ and those counters should now be accurate.

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