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Custom - Integration in 3.5 - FTP Integration

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Integration

  • This network is only available to connect at the agency level. There is no specification to connect at the advertiser level. Specifying accounts will be done in the FTP mapping. To Connect
  • Mapping:
    • Connecting to FTP Server -  Click here
    • Mapping: Filtering - NinjaCat Account ID - Click here
    • When adding your file name: Setup> DataSource> FTP > Edit Mapping> Filtering > Download Type "By File Name" > When you select "By File Name" it is important that the "File Name" matches exactly how it appears as a file on the source that provides the data, ie. "CSV FILE.csv" - otherwise you will not be able to return data - Click here
    • When selecting "Run Now" in mapping at the agency level you are adding data to any data already pulled for that day and it will accumulate. This will only occur when running and the data has not changed. The changes to a file/CSV will allow the file to be re-recognized otherwise it will accumulate. it's not that it's identical, it's that it hasn't been changed so you could upload the same exact file and that would cause the mtime (modified time) to change.
    • If you edit your mapping all associated templates to this mapping will be affected. 

FTP to BigQuery

  • There is a tab labeled “Export” in the FTP mapping setup where users can export the data from that mapping to Google Bigquery to be utilized with that integration as well. https://share.vidyard.com/watch/gMthCf4hvFNuzcBJNUJZhL
  • Will allow them to setup options for exporting their dataset to a BigQuery table of their choosing.
  • Both CSV and JSON can be uploaded. JSON data is transformed to tabular data before exporting.
  • Failure to upload to BigQuery should not adversely affect the rest of the data import.
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