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Oct 24, 2018: Hotfix Release


Bing migration v11 -> v12

  • Bing has been updated to v12

Additional Centro Dimensions / Metrics

  • Two new dimensions have been added to the Centro Integration:
    1. Campaign ID
    2. Site ID

Additional FB Metrics

  • Previously NinjaCat only had “Total Reactions” - there is now a reactions breakout.
  • New metrics have been added to Facebook Ads:      
  • 1. Action: Post Reaction Wow
  • 2. Action: Post Reaction Like
  • 3. Action: Post Reaction Haha
  • 4. Action: Post Reaction Love
  • 5. Action: Post Reaction Anger
  • 6. Action: Post Reaction Sad

Support Customize Comparison Dates on Dashboard

  • Users are now able to add custom comparisons on a dashboard level
  • There’s a new toggle in dashboard settings that enables and disables custom comparisons:
    • When the toggle is OFF (default)
      • Custom comparisons are only applied to widgets that had comparisons enabled on a template level
      • If none of the widgets in the dashboard had comparisons on a template level, the comparison date picker is hidden
    • When the toggle in ON
      • Custom comparisons are applied to all widgets, template level comparisons are overridden
      • Custom comparisons will only be displayed when a comparison date range is selected from the date picker
  • The toggle will be OFF by default for dashboards that were created before this release
  • When the comparison range is larger than the date range (number of days) and date is in the dimension - the widget will not include more days in the comparison than in the date range
  • Custom Comparison dates will impact ALL charts and comparisons, not just those with the default set to its primary date range.


Increase days per cycle available for reports to 45

  • Previously we only allowed for our daily schedule type to support up to 30 days.
  • We have now provided the ability to run reports up to every 45 days to accommodate various billing structures.
  • When selecting the schedule type of “daily” then you will you have the option to select up to 45 repeat days.


Report with Email & Data Error only shows email error

  • For more detailed information, please refer to Reports-Behavior.pdf
  • Previously when a report was to automatically generate and had both a data and email error, the status would show email error and there was no way to see any more info or that there was a data error to correct.  Now the report status shows Data Error informing the user.
  • Previously, when a scheduled report ran and was set to automatic send, and contained a “Data Error”, the report would still be automatically sent to the email recipient. Often this was not the desired behavior, because the report was incomplete due to the data error.
  • Now, when a scheduled report runs, is set to automatic send and contains a data error, the report will not automatically send the report to the email recipient. The user now has the opportunity to resolve the data error, rerun the report, and send the report to the recipients.
  • Now we have changed the behavior to show the status of the report as “Data Error” and will NOT attempt to send out an email of the report until the error gets resolved.  To override this and send the report anyways, the user will be able to click on Actions>Send button to send the report out immediately.

PostgresSQL Data Issue

  • Previously PostgresSQL was not pulling the most up to date data.
  • This issue is now fixed.

Twitter Organic data all 0s when there is data in some of the totals

  • Date was being passed instead of a timestamp which caused errors to occur and for data to return incorrectly.
  • This has now been resolved.

Facebook Ads Account Level Filters for Inactive Campaigns Not Resolving to IDs

  • Previously when inactive campaign filters were assigned at the account level, no data was coming back
  • This has now been fixed

Refresh RDW for Phone Number mappings changes not working

  • Previously when a user changed the phone number mappings for an account we were seeing errors.
  • Now when a user changes phone number mapping for an account, RDW will be refreshed.

CallRail Company Pagination

  • There was an issue with paging on the results adding CallRail for agencies with large lists of CallRail accounts.

Bing Migration v12 -  Error with "Hour of Day" Dimension

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with HourOfDay and Date dimension allowing values to return an incorrect numeric order.

Bing migration v11 -> v12: "Click Type" is a dimension and deprecated as a metric.

  • The metric “Click Type” should have been a dimension, so it has been deprecated as a metric, and new dimension added.
  • It will be important to know this in the case, someone, using Bing Ads has this ‘metric’ select it will need to be removed and added as a dimension.

Stop retrying dead report requests after 8 attempts

  • We have now updated the logic so that if there >8 attempts on retrying a report that we will put it in a critical error status so that it prevents it from going on forever.
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