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Oct 15, 2018: Hotfix Release



Google AdWords - New Search Impression Share metrics

  • New Metrics called ‘Search Lost Is (Rank) (unique)’ and ‘Search lost is (Budget) (unique)’ have been added which will improve the accuracy of Search Lost Impression share Rank and Budget when they would be averaged


Facebook Ads - “Ad” dimension has better support for center alignment

  • Improved the Center alignment in tables when using 'Ad' dimension in Facebook Ads


Google Analytics - Mappings - Performance Improvement

  • Improved the overall speed when saving Google Analytics mappings. Some agencies with numerous Google Analytics connections were experiencing slowdowns.

Widgets should no longer be impacted by hidden Global Filters

  • Once you remove a data source from a widget that was using a global filter, the global filter will be removed too and will no longer impact the widget (even if you re-add the same data source).  You will have to add the global filter again in order for it to be applied.


Global Filter - the template editor will now only display filters that are applicable to the mapping assigned to the data source in the widget

  • When using global filters within the template editor, only those that are applicable to the mapping selected will now be visible.  If the data source doesn’t have a selected mapping then only filters that aren’t associated with a mappings will be visible.

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