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Oct 9, 2018: Hotfix Release


New Features


Add Google Fonts: Questrial and Nunito Sans

  • Two new fonts were added are now available for use in all styling options across templates, reports, and previews.

 Global Filters -Aggregate Data Source

  • We now have implemented the “Aggregate” data source for global filters


Bug Fixes


Data Error - Product SKU dimension

  • It is no longer possible to create an incompatible match between Google Analytics ‘Product SKU’ dimension and ‘Revenue’ metric.

 AdWords Conversion Name CPA Weighted Metric

  • AdWords CPA Weight metric now displays correctly in all cases.

  Fix Non -Segmenting Ad Dimension

  • Non-Segmenting Ad Dimension will display correctly while using v-lookup.

Global Filters - Total rows for unique metrics are not being affected when global filters are applied

  • Totals rows will now display correctly when using Global Filters.

Performance issues with generating reports with account groups/roll-up reports

  • Improved the speed of PDF and PPT generation for Account Group Roll-up reports

 Google Analytics Data Disagrees Between PDF and Template Editor Moment Apart

  • Resolved discrepancies between the Template Editor and PDF. Data will always been consistent between the two sources.


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