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July/August 2018 - Release Notes



Perfect Audience Integration

  • To connect:
    • Agency Level - Add Username and Password
    • Advertiser Level - Select Network that you have connected at the agency level and from the dropdown select the account you want to associate with this advertiser.


URL Integration

  • This integration is similar to Google Sheets that users will be mapping their data at the agency level.
    • This can be done at the Agency level with the same options as a sheet in that a user can choose to filter by the Account column or to specify at the advertiser level
  • You will have the option of how to display data through dates - If the URL allows you to filter the data by date, you can use the following placeholders {startdate} and {endate}. These two dates will get replaced by the date range specified on the widget in the template editor. To change the format of the date, you can use the following {startdate:Y-m-d} which will format the date to be 2018-01-01. Please take a look at the following link to see the available date formats. http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php



Talroo integration

  • To connect:
  • Agency Level - This will require users to add their Username and Password they would use to connect to the API.
  • Advertiser Level - Rather than selecting an account from a generated list user will be required to
  1. Select the network
  2. Add a "Talroo Customer Id" - this can be found by contacting Talroo
  3. Add your Campaigns - Users can get a list of campaigns and campaign Ids from Talroo
    - in order to select all campaigns, you must add all of the campaigns from the list
    - in order to filter by individual campaigns, you will need to only add the campaigns you wish to report on.
    - In each row you will be required to add a single campaign including the Campaign ID and Campaign Name: The expected format is {campaignId},{campaignName}, ie 12345,My Campaign. To enter multiple campaigns make sure they are in separate lines.


Grade Us Integration

  • To connect:
    • Agency Level - Add Client ID and Client secret
    • Advertiser Level - Select Network that you have connected at the agency level and from the dropdown select the account you want to associate with this advertiser.


Choozle Integration

  • To connect:
    • Agency Level - Add User Name and Client secret
    • Advertiser Level - Select Network that you have connected at the agency level and from the dropdown select the account you want to associate with this advertiser.


Apple Search Ads

  • Apple Search Ads is a non-OAuth network. To connect, enter an API token and key as credentials at the agency network level. Users will be required to add a .pem and .key file into a textbox. To find and add these, when logged into Apple Search Ads
    • Go to your Account Settingsimage8.png
    • Click on the API Tab and create an API Certificateimage7.png
    • A pop up should appear and then you can create the certificate you need and you will be able to download this right from the list.





Amazon Ads Integration

  • This is an OAuth integration and will require a 2-Step verification code when connecting this network at the agency level
  • There are 5 report types with Amazon Ads: Campaigns reports, Ad Group reports, Keyword reports, Product Ads reports, ASINs reports.


New Features

Font Request - ASAP

  • ASAP font is now available for formatting widgets and reports, including global and widget level styling.


NinjaTrack - Support for Argentina & Hong Kong

  • Added support for Hong Kong and Argentina numbers.
  • Local and toll-free numbers are supported for both Countries.
  • Numbers are formatted to reflect each region’s area codes and telephone numbers
  • Note: For Argentina, the 4 digit area code is not yet supported


Report List Improvements

  • The ‘Running’ status has been replaced with the following status values:
    • Scheduled
    • Queued
    • Getting data
    • Getting data (X of Y)
    • Queuing Report
    • Creating Report


Number of Accounts - Constant Calculated Metric

  • A new NUM_ACCOUNTS constant was added to the custom calculated metric editor.
  • This constant displays the ‘number of accounts’ for given dimensions and metrics.
  • The value of the constant should be determined on a row-by-row basis.
  • For example, if the table is segmented by Account:
    • Each row in the table body should have a value of 1 because each row belongs to a single account
    • The value in the total row should be equal to the number of unique accounts in the entire table
  • For example, if the table is segmented by Campaign Name:
    • Each row in the table body should have a value equal to the number of accounts which contributed to that campaign
    • The value in the total row should be equal to the number of unique accounts in the entire table.
  • If this constant is the only metric selected in a widget, then no data will be returned.


Google Maps - Geographic Map Chart

  • A new Google map widget was created so that metrics can be shown over a geographical area:
  • The widget has zoom in/out, latitude and longitude options
  • Only one provider is currently available: Google Analytics
  • See New Map Widget: Cluster Map for more information


Earned Actions metric added to AdWords/Youtube

  • Earned actions metrics in Youtube - Adwords have been added.


Override URL on account level


  • Selecting "Allow Account URL Override"  will allow users to use the same mapping settings across multiple URLs without having to set up individual mapping for each. At the advertiser level a user can add a different URL with the URL Override field and as long as the mapping does match the agency level mapping that was the set up you will be able to receive data for the overridden URL.
  • There is now a toggle on the mapping screen for the Url integration that will allow you to override the selected URL at the account level.
    • If this toggle is set to ON you will need to associate this mapping with an account, otherwise, you will not get a data return.
    • The URL added at the account level CAN match the Data URL selected at the agency mapping.
  • On the advertiser network screen, there should be a field called Url Override, when a mapping with the "allow account URL override" on


Google Analytics - Custom Dimensions / Metrics Support

  • When creating or editing mapping for the Google Analytics network connected to an agency you can now include custom dimensions and metrics that are created from the Google Analytics UI  
  • For more information on creating custom Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics please visit:


Reach local campaign id dimension

  • The reach local network now has a new dimension “Campaign Id”
  • The Campaign ID allows users to know which campaign they are reporting on with a unique number that can be found in the GMAIDs being reported on.


Total Post Count Metric for Instagram

  • There are new Instagram metrics: Total Posts, New Followers Added, Total Followers (previously Total Followers Count), and Total Follows
    • Total Followers: is a renaming of Total Followers Count metric and is a unique metric.
    • New Followers Added: is an insight metric that can be combined with date and other insight metrics (this is the original total follower's count, but that metric didn't do what we thought, this new name reflects the true meaning).
    • Total Posts: is a unique metric (the original intent of this ticket).
    • Total Follows: (number of accounts you follow) is a unique metric.

Support “Ad Dimension” as a non-segmenting dimension

  • Users now have the ability to add a special ad dimension as a non-segmenting dimension so they can display the first ad for a campaign or by ad name to allow grouping ad images together that are alike.

Added additional Listrak Metrics

  • Delivered = Sent – Bounces
  • Unsubscribe % = Unsubscribes / Delivered
  • Open % = Opens / Delivered
  • Read % = Reads / Delivered
  • Click % = Total Clicks / Delivered
  • CTOR = Total Clicks / Opens
  • Conversion Rate = Conversions / Visits


Url Provider support TSV

  • The URL integration now supports tab-delimited files, i.e TSV file format.


Added additional Dimensions and Metrics to Google My Business

  • The following dimensions have been added to Google My Business and are now available in the template editor
  • Location ID
  • Location Region Code
  • Location Language Code
  • Location Sorting Code
  • Location Administrative Area
  • Location Locality
  • Location Sub Locality
  • Location Organization
  • Location Address
  • Location Recipients
  • Primary Category ID
  • Primary Category Name
  • Additional Categories


Added Facebook metric: Offline Purchases

  • Added the metric Offline Purchases for Facebook


Maximum Earliest Reporting Date - Advertiser Network 

  • A new feature which allows users to define the earliest reporting date for a specific Account-Level Data Source
  • By setting the earliest date, no data will display prior to the date set in this feature
  • Agencies might choose to use this feature if they take over a network that was previously serviced by a different agency or internally by the client. This feature allows the agency to report on only data from the time period that they were in charge of the Network



Adwords ‘Calls’ Metric is not summing correctly

  • Fixed an issue where Calls were not being summed correctly
  • Tables or scorecards are showing the correct value for the metric “calls”


NinjaTrack improvements were made when "Use Phone Number Mappings in Shinobi" switch is selected:

  • Occasionally, we were reporting on cached data when the Conversion Period, Conversion Threshold and Use Shinobi mappings fields were changed because the call tracking cache was not cleared. Changing these settings now triggers the cache to update correctly.


Facebook mapping screen should no longer require a Custom Pixel to save

  • Fixed a bug that required users to add a custom pixel when creating Facebook mappings. Sometimes custom pixels were not applicable which would force users to put fake information in to bypass the mandatory Custom Pixel. It is no longer mandatory to put in a custom pixel


Instagram Business Profile not returning complete Followers Count

  • Previously there was a metric for the Total Follower count that was not showing the total number our agencies were expecting.
  • A new Metric has been added called “Total Followers” and it is only compatible with “Account, “Data Source”, “Network” and “Row #” dimensions.  The previous “follower count” metric is not working the way we thought it should. It rather gave something that looked like follower added broken down by date. Whereas this new metric will give you a total follower count metric and hence is considered to be a unique metric.

NinjaTrack - deletion is failing when SID is wrong

  • Previously when trying to delete NinjaTrack Numbers, those deletions were failing due to the fact the Number SIDS where incorrect, which may be related to porting the numbers between the accounts.
  • Deleting NinjaTrack numbers should no longer fail.


Facebook Ads Account Level Campaign Filter & IDW Cache

  • Several agencies reported a setting for Facebook Ads account level campaign filters and IDW cache were not being obeyed.
  • This issue is resolved and the setting should be applying the correct filter functionality with IDW cache.



Performance issues with dashboards and account groups/roll-up reports due to temp data

  • Previously there was an issue with account group/roll-up reports as they were very slow when being viewed through dashboards or failed completely due to the fact that they were falling back to temp data.
  • This issue is resolved in that the dashboards loads more quickly as we are viewing the dashboards using IDW data and not temp data.


LinkedIn should now show errors at agency/advertiser level once token expires.


Comparison calculation for Previous Month will now show the same comparison as when using an absolute date range of the same days.

  • Previously when comparing Last Month with an absolute date range we were doing a day-by-day comparison to the previous month rather than taking the entire month


The Orange Question marks will no longer display on widgets for the Template Editor or the Dashboards for agency users.


Google Analytics - Filtering by "Month of Year" brings up 2 results

  • Previously you saw two “month of year” filters but now we have made UI changes so that there are 2 separate filters:
    • “Month of Year” which only accepts numeric values for months (ie. 1= January, 2 = February, etc).  
    • “Month of Year (Analytics)” which only accepts a numeric value for the year and month (ie. 201801 = January 2018, 201802 = February 2018, etc).


Aggregate Conversion Rate metric should now be displaying value once again.


LinkedIn - The Ad Display Dimension should now show the Video Name for Video Ads.  Also a new dimension “Creative Video Name” has been added to show the same name.

  • Video name should now be displayed within the “ad display” dimension as well as a new dimension has been added “Creative video name”


Adwords - Search impression share Total Row should now display property display <10% and >90%

  • Resolved an issue where values under 10% and over 90% were not rounding for Search Impression Share Total


Search Impression Share was not correct when combined with Cost and CPC is resolved.

  • Resolved an issue where when reporting on Search Impression share and Cost or CPC, incorrect data was being returned


Bing - Search Impression Share now has a unique attribute and will be pulling directly from the API.  

  • Another Search Impression Share metric has been added which does not pull from the API.


Add a location dimension for Google My Business to distinguish between locations of the same name

  • Users are now able to add the “location” dimension as well as the “location id” dimension

Unable to have multiple mappings under one URL integration network

  • Users are now able to have multiple mappings under the same URL integration network


The report failed to get Google Analytics data

  • Resolved an issue in retrieving Google Analytics data by changing daily request to pull at 3 AM instead of 1 AM


Google Sheet Widget Disappears from PDF

  • Fixed a bug that was causing widgets to be hidden incorrectly when Google AdWords and Google Sheets were on the same widget. If any rows returned no data, the widget was being mistakenly hidden due to that row


Added toggle switch to control the behavior of scorecard filters

  • There is now a toggle found in the scorecard settings under the properties section called  “Display 0 when no data is returned”


  • By default that toggle is turned on
  • If the toggle is ON and there is data, the scorecard will show the data
  • If the toggle is ON and there is no data being returned or the account does not have the data source, then this widget will appear with a 0
  • If the toggle is OFF and there is data, the scorecard will show the data
  • If the toggle is OFF and there is no data being returned or the account does not have the data source, then this widget will be hidden and will display  “no data returned” within the template editor


Facebook reach metric problem with campaign group filter

  • Resolved an issue with applying a campaign filter to Facebook’s Reach Metric


Hide page if the scorecard received no data while in 'Display 0' state

  • The following changes have been made in PDF reports when scorecards are involved:
  • When No data is returned (e.g. data source is not connected or all data is filtered out):
    • Old templates: widget will show '0', Page will hide if no other widgets are there
    • New templates with toggle ON: widget will show '0', Page will hide if no other widgets are there
    • New templates with toggle OFF: widget will hide, Page will hide if no other widgets are there
  • Widget returns data, but the data is '0':
    • If the scorecard is using comparison and the comparison has data, the page will NOT hide.
    • Old templates: widget will show '0', Page will be displayed with "0" widget
    • New templates with toggle ON: widget will show '0', Page will be displayed with "0" widget
    • New templates with toggle OFF: widget will be hidden, or the page will be hidden


Instagram Business Profile - Having a widget with just Post Display and Custom Metric does not return any data

  • Previously if you had the dimension “Post Display” and some custom metric selected, you would see “no data was returned” in the widget but if another metric was added data would appear.
  • This issue has now been fixed.


Twitter Ads Video Content Starts Metric Impacts Result Set

  • Previously when adding the “Video Content Starts” metric to a Twitter Ads table, the size of the result set decreased (rows were missing).
  • No changes for this item were made and it just seems that this was working according to spec as there was a filter set and a limit to the number of rows being displayed.


Double Click Search Calculated Metrics Are Incorrect

  • The metrics CPC and CTR for Double Click Search were not showing the correct results.
  • CPC and CTR metrics for Double Click Search should now be showing the correct values.


Facebook Costs Excluded from Score Cards w/ aggregate:MET_COST

  • Fixed a bug where Facebook costs was not included with aggregate:MET_COST


Added Support for Timestamps for SEM Rush URL Integration


Facebook Ads Deprecation of action_link_click_destination and website clicks

  • The following metrics have been deprecated from Facebook Ads: “Website Clicks” and “Action Link Click Destination”


URL Integration - Mapping does not work correctly

  • Fixed an issue where if a URL connection had multiple mappings on the same network they were not displaying correctly when viewing the mapping in the template editor.


AppNexus Time Zone and Data Delivery Issues

  • The timezone used to import data from AppNexus should now match the account settings in NinjaCat


Google Analytics Goal Completions Odd Behavior

  • In rare cases, Goal Completions were being duplicated and displaying the incorrect data. This issue has been resolved


CSV Reports & Comparisons

  • Previously CSV reports were trying to display the comparison results and hence not having the header and data align properly.  We are now NOT showing comparisons in a CSV and only showing the current data.


Google Font Asset File Returns No Content

  • Fixed an issue related to having Montserrat in a report while generating a PDF


Date Dimension - filtering by campaign removes the extra zeros

  • If the only dimension that you have is “date” and filtering occurs, the rows will not be removed, but rather filled in by 0s

In certain cases, notes not saved to the correct generated PDF report

  • This bug is related to an outstanding bug that causes reports to run twice.
  • In certain cases, when reports ran twice, notes were being applied to the wrong version of the report, with the end result being that the notes were saved in the history and not the most recently completed report.
  • Notes will now always apply to the most recent report.
  • For reports that were impacted by this issue, the notes can be found in the history for the previous version of the report. If the notes are saved to the latest version of the report, they will now save correctly.


Improved performance for Roll Up Dashboards

  • Found and fixed various issues that were causing Roll-Up Dashboards to time out or take an excessive time to load.
  • Dashboards with larger roll-up reports should now load in a reasonable amount of time.


Date Based Dimensions were showing blank rows of data

  • Fixed an issue that was causing dimensions such as Month of Year, and Day of Month to include extra blank rows inside tables and charts
  • These date based dimensions should no longer show extra blank rows of data


Call Tracking - "Use Phone Number Mappings in Shinobi" does not appear to work with NinjaTrack

  • When the Conversion Period, Conversion Threshold and Use Shinobi mappings fields were changed, the call tracking cache was not cleared, and values were not displayed correctly.
  • A change was made to clear call tracking cache in such events and thus display correct data


Adding new data sources at account level fails for some OAuth data providers

  • Fixed an error where users were encountering the loading error: “Loading error, please reload your browser and try again” when adding a network at the advertiser level.
  • This might have impacted Bing Ads, Brightroll, Constant Contact, Facebook, HubSpot, Instagram, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Organizations, Pinterest, Salesforce, Twitter Ads, Yahoo Gemini, and Yext


Remove a white bar above the dashboard

  • Fixed an issue where a white bar was appearing at the top of dashboards which didn’t match the background color selected

Google Analytics Unique Metrics & IDW Caching Issues

  • When using cached numbers (IDW), some unique metrics were not displaying the correct values.
  • GA metrics affected were: Users, New Users, Pageviews, Sessions
  • This issue is resolved by making all the affected metrics unique metrics in the system, and thus should now be displayed correctly



Performance issues with dashboards and account groups/roll-up reports

  • When viewing dashboards that contained accounts, that were part of accounts groups and where roll-up was enabled, loaded very slowly
  • Optimizations were made to make dashboard load faster

Facebook Ads Reach Inaccurate When Adding CPM

  • CPM was being calculated incorrectly and is now using a formula of Cost / Reach


Google Analytics Keywords - automatically URL Decode when needed

  • Cleaned up Google Analytics Keywords so that they can be aggregated with other Data Source’s keywords

Dashboard profile - Drag and Drop templates to any order

  • Fixed an issue where templates were not appearing in the correct order after being re-ordered with Drag and Drop in the Dashboard profile configuration screen


A template is deleted if it has no data widgets

  • Users creating templates without data widgets had their widgets automatically deleted
  • This has been resolved and these templates are now saved and are available like the other template types


Big Query data source missing “No Value” option in the mapping section

  • Users creating a mapping for BigQuery could not select “No Value” for the account matching field.
  • Users are now able to select this option when setting up a BigQuery provider

Google AdWords Cost Metrics Corrupt Impression Share Metrics

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect values were returning when combining cost metrics with unique metrics with Google Adwords.


Google Analytics with graphs that contain two dimensions

  • Fixed an issue where graphs with two dimensions were not displaying correctly in PDF reports


Bing Revenue/Conversion Metric not calculated correctly

  • Fixed an issue with Revenue/Conversion. This metric is now being displayed correctly

Call Tracking Dimensions Missing from Call Tracking Data Source

  • Call Id” and “Listen” are now available to select as custom dimensions in the template editor with the Call Tracking data source.


Error with FB reviews/review count due to recent changes

  • Due to recent Facebook API changes, the Date dimension was not taken into account for reviews and all reviews regardless of the date was being displayed. Reviews will now respect the date range defined.


DoubleClick Search Total Cost Metric Does Not Agree with Google's UI

  • Fixed an issue with the way currencies other than USD were being displayed


Fixed Simplifi Ad Column

  • Fixed an issue with Simplifi’s Ad Column. Ad Images should now appear correctly.


Find and replace error resolved

  • An issue was discovered with Find and Replace which was corrected in the August 30th release
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