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Constructing a Data Widget - New Map widget: Cluster Map


Now in your Shinobi templates and reports, you can add a visual map representation for where your conversions are coming from.

Here's a few notes about the requirements and functionality of this widget:

  • This widget will only work using the following providers:
    • map_widget.JPG
    • The following dimensions are now supported (based on availability by Provider): Country, state/province/region, city, postal code, latitude & longitude
    • Geolocation becomes more precise the more dimensions are selected, ie country, state, city -- would bring back the most precise location
  • Only the metrics "Conversions", "Goal Completions", or "Goal X Completions" are supported using this widget.
  • Custom calculated conversion metrics will work, so long as all of the components respect the above point.
  • The data is generated based on the longitude and latitude data reported in Google Analytics for each conversion goal.

How to use the new map widget:

  1. In the template editor, click on Widgets - DATA - Cluster Map:

  2. Set up your widget with your selected data source, dimensions and conversions. such as:

  3. The user can control the way the map appears in the template editor by controlling the zoom and the Latitude and Longitude of the map's center point:


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