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Inteligent Data Warehouse (IDW) FAQ:

1) When will today's data from the various data sources be available for reporting?

When we cache data for the sources on the dashboard, we pull the data at the beginning of the day for up to yesterday's data.  Depending on the provider and their requirements they happen at different times of the day.  AdWords / Bing is at 3 AM (in the timezone you set up for the account) while Facebook is always at 3 AM Pacific Time

2) When connecting to a Google Sheet or a new a data source, when will see data in our dashboards or reports? 

Google Sheets data should be available immediately after connecting the data source / template and account settings (if required).  This is also true for all providers.  If we don't have the data already in the data warehouse when a request is made to our servers, then we will go in real time to the API and get the data immediately.

3) How frequently does google sheets data get updated within the data warehouse?

Data that is being stored in the IDW for purposes of displaying on client dashboards gets updated once per day, at midnight in the timezone of the advertiser.  Data that is being displayed in the template editor or that is being used for running reports will always grab fresh data from the google sheet and will not pull stale data from the IDW.


4) What data gets stored in the IDW?

When a client V2 dashboard is set up, we will grab all of the standard date ranges (yesterday, last 7 days, last week, last month, etc.) and store that data within the IDW for fast dashboard load times. If an account does not have any V2 dashboards enabled, then no data for that account will be stored in the IDW.


Still have questions and don't see the answers you seek?  Please email support@ninjacat.io and we will be happy to assist you further!

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