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July 4, 2018: Hotfix release

Bug Fixes

  • Google Sheets - Month of Year/Year Dimensions are working once again
    • Previously if a google sheets mapping was set up to aggregate with Month of Year and Year dimensions, graphs using multi-series charts were displaying as "Series 1" instead of the expected series for every year. This is now resolved.
  • Google Sheets no longer fails when there is a bad date in the date column
  • Comparisons were showing zero values for calculations with custom metrics (Aggregate Cost), this has been fixed.
  • CSV Report - Dates were not matching up between CSV and template editor
    • Previously the CSV was converting the date into the advertisers timezone
  • Reach Local ‘Keyword’ reports should not crash anymore
  • Added FB Dimension “Bid_type”
  • Changing old reports to automatic delivery will no longer automatically run and send out the report
    • It was found that changing the email mode to automatic from manual would make a report run and send out an email with that report. This now has been fixed.
  • CSV Report - Columns are shifted
    • Any CSV report which had unique metrics would cause the rows results to shift not matching the header column. This has now been fixed.
  • Adwords margins were being added to custom calculation for ConversionValue metric
    • We were previously applying margins to the following metrics: Conversion Value, All Conversion Value, click Assisted Conversion Value and Impression Assisted Conversion Value. This has been resolved.
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