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July 5, 2018: Hotfix release


  • DoubleClick Bid Manager - Scorecards were occasionally returning twice the data when there are no dimension filters depending on the setup in DBM.  This has been corrected.
  • Custom Metrics: NUM_ROWS constant in custom calculated metrics will now correctly return the total number of rows in the resulting table.
  • Total rows and scorecard widgets were sometimes inaccurate in a roll-up report with unique metrics in the widget
    • Previously, in a specific case where a roll-up report included a unique metric in the widget (such as facebook Reach) with other non-unique metrics, some metric totals were displaying the highest value in a table column instead of the true total.  This is now resolved.
  • Improvements to Facebook API processing for Rate Limits.
    • Previously, many Facebook Ads reports were taking a very long time to process and were getting stuck in a "Running" state as the report queue grew very long. This issue has been corrected.
  • Google Sheets data should now be forced to update after cache was cleared
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