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July 3 2018: Hotfix release

Bug Fixes

  • REACH LOCAL data is only displayed for days with actual data, where previously it used to display data for an entire time range, even when there was no data for some days.
  • The issue with unique metrics where the total and its comparison value are always the same was fixed.
  • The issue where Shinobi did not send emails to office 365 accounts was fixed.
  • The issue where widgets with margins and custom dimensions failed to pull data was addressed.
  • The API is now properly displaying critical errors (status=4) when reports return with critical errors.
  • “Days to include” rule in date ranges is not ignored anymore; data is now returned for the desired days.
  • The issue where Google Analytics was not pulling Goal names correctly is now fixed.
  • Twitter Provider broken on retry logic
    • There was an error connecting the Twitter network to agencies and advertisers which has been resolved.
  • Yext is now supported by OAuth connections. 
    • Existing networks will still work
    • New Yext connections will now connect as an OAuth network.
  • Bing Ads - Conversions overstated by large amount
  • Additional retry logic for GA was added
  • DoubleClick Search statistic Currency Error was corrected
    • Previously errors were occurring when £ currency symbol was being used
  • Report File names with “/” fail to convert to PPT
  • Date Formats in CSV Reports were corrected
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) - added an additional metric to DBM
    • The dimension “Insertion Order” has been added to DBM.
    • The Insertion Order dimension is filterable.
  • Include network with orchestrator
    • This should cut down on rate limit issues. e.g. "User request limit reached" for Facebook
  • Search Console - Account Setting Filters are once again supported
  • Retry dead reports
    • Previously, reports were getting stuck in limbo. We have added retry logic that will re-set the status to a previous report state so that the process that failed can be attempted again.
  • Google sheets - handle when date is formatted as a string
  • Public images on app cannot be loaded into templates and reports
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