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June 27, 2018: Hotfix release

Bug Fixes

Adobe Ad Cloud/TubeMogul “Unique Viewers” has been added as a metric.

Facebook: AdSet & Campaign will now filtered directly in the API when you have a unique metric.  This will allow for unique metrics that are filtered to have accurate totals in these cases.

  • Additionally Google Analytics - Page Path dimension is now always filtered directly in the API.  This will allow for support of very very large result sets.

Double Click Search has been added as a new Integration

Reach Local - The keywords data source should once again properly pull data.

Find and Replace should now be properly supported when there is data in the result that may not be a properly formatted string or number.

Find and Replace will once again work when you have a RegEx Filter on the same dimension.

DBM: Added missing filters: Gender, Age, Media Plan Campaign, True View Ad, Device Type

Custom calculated metrics stored at the Agency level will once again apply to all Advertisers

Fixing account group rollup reports / dashboards so that they are properly taking data from all accounts again

AdWords widgets using Cost with Margins for an report that doesn’t support Ad Network Dimensions will now use the Search Margin for AdWords instead of failing.

Changing Find / Replace and Changing the filters will once again cause the widget to automatically reload all data.

Search Impression Share has been fixed again!  It should once again show up as data and not all < 10% or 5%.

Extra data sources included in a widget that were not being used will no longer create extra requests to be generated and to fail.  This should improve the performance of PDF generation in these cases.

Google Sheets will no longer temporarily cache data when assigned at the Advertiser level.  Reports / Widgets using these Google Sheets should no longer error out.

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