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June 26, 2018: Hotfix release

Bug Fixes

  • Search Impression Share will no longer always return 0
  • Facebook - Missing dimensions with facebook breakdowns
    • Here is the updated list with all of the dimensions
    • These breakdown dimensions are not all compatible together. Broken down by Ad, Body, Call To Action, Description, Image, Link URL, Title, Video
      • Ad Format Asset
      • Body Asset ID
      • Body Asset Text
      • Call To Action Asset ID
      • Call To Action Asset Name
      • Description Asset ID
      • Description Asset Text
      • Image Asset Display
      • Image Asset ID
      • Image Asset URL
      • Link URL Asset ID
      • Link URL Asset Link
      • Link URL Asset Text
      • Title Asset ID
      • Title Asset Text
      • Video Asset Display
      • Video Asset ID
      • Video Asset Thumbnail URL
      • Video Asset URL
      • Video Asset Video Name
  • Corrected issue of data requests failing due to memory limits
  • Corrected issue with a report crashing due to 4 years of GA data
  • Network status was not updating when token was invalid (LinkedIN)
    • Previously, if the network token was invalid, the data source for LinkedIN would still show a green status icon. Now if the token is invalid when trying to create the LinkedIN advertiser network, the Data Sources page will show the correct status of “Token Revoked”.
  • Hidden dimensions were collapsing incorrectly and not showing all results
  • Hidden custom metrics were not showing in the sorting-list dropdown
  • Simpli.fi Geo Fence dimensions are no longer showing up as blank
  • Reach Local - Keywords data source is once again pulling data
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