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Agency Wide Settings - Troubleshooting: "There was an error trying to send an email"

This article is for anyone who has had a scheduled report run but has experienced a send error when the email was to be sent out, or is trying to invite a user and is unable to because the email could not be sent. The errors might read something like:

"The report completed successfully, but there was an error trying to send an email."
"The user was created, but there was an error trying to send the invite."

The above error messages usually relate to an error with your agency's SMTP settings, or the SMTP server that you are using has been blocked or hit a quota limit and has rejected our requests to send the email.

How to verify your SMTP settings:

To verify that your SMTP settings are correct and working properly, follow these steps:

1) Click on your name in the top-right corner, then select Setup - Agency Settings - White Label:

2) Scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter in an email address under the "test email" box, then click on the "Verify" button:

If the email is successful, after a brief moment, a green status bubble will appear in the bottom-right corner of your platform:

If you get an error message, this means that your SMTP settings are invalid, and you will need to correct the settings in order to send your emailed reports. If you choose not to use your own SMTP settings, you can remove everything from this section, then click on "save settings" and your report emails will be sent from Ninjacat's report email address.

If you are using gmail or Microsoft Office / Exchange server using 2-factor authentication, you may need to set up an app password for use with our platform. Please see the following articles for more information on how to set up an app password:

  1. Setting up an app password with G-Suite (gmail): Sign In Using App Passwords
  2. Setting up an app password with Microsoft Office: App Passwords and two-step verification

Our SMTP settings are correct, but we still can't send emails!

If your SMTP settings are being verified or you are sure that the settings are correct but you are still not getting your report emails, here are some common reasons that might be causing the error:

  1. The email addresses typed in your report settings are not formatted correctly. (Do not include any spaces or names with the email list and use a semi-colon to separate each email if entering multiple emails: e.g. john@email.com;frank@email.com.)
  2. Your ISP has blocked our IP addresses and are refusing our attempts to send the mail.
  3. Your emails sent from your server are being marked as SPAM and going to your SPAM folder
  4. The service that you are using for sending SMTP messages has a quota limit that is being exceeded by your report emails.
  5. The service that you are using for sending SMTP messages believes that our report emails are SPAM and has blocked us from sending the messages. (see below for two common examples).
  6. Your email account has been locked out from being suspected of sending SPAM messages.

Using G-Suite or Office 365 for your SMTP settings

Many online web services, such as G-Suite or Office 365, have put measures in place that will block or prevent emails from being sent out if they suspect that your email account is being used to send out spam. Some of these services have mistaken our report emails as SPAM and have prevented our servers from sending report emails.  

Here are some suggestions that we have found help to reduce this issue:

  • Space out the time you send your reports so that they are not all sent at the same time
  • Personalize your report emails and type in a longer text message in the email body to reduce your spam score.
  • Reduce the number of emails sent out by using the "SINGLE" email report option when sending to multiple recipients
  • Use an email delivery service like SendGrid that is designed for mass emailing through services like NinjaCat.
  • Some of our G-Suite users have had success using a Google Relay account for outbound email sending. Here's Google's support doc on how to set this up: https://support.google.com/a/answer/2956491?hl=en
  • In some cases, such as Office 365, we have noticed that the email account set up under our SMTP settings gets blocked or locked out.  See  Microsoft's Anti-spam protection FAQ for more information.

If you have exhausted all of the above options and are still receiving the error message that there was an error trying to send the email, please contact our support team at support@ninjacat.io

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