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May 15 2018: Hotfix Release


Add an advertiser drop-down to the Monitor->Campaign / Accounts screen

  • There is now an available drop-down allowing users to select individual accounts/advertisers or to select "all" accounts.

Default styling for pasted tables

  • There is now a new section within Global Template Settings>Typography>Table section, where you are able to set the styles for any static tables to be used within cover page, text or header widgets.  These settings will only control the styles of static tables within the text editors in the platform, and they do not change table styles for any of your data widgets.
  • You are now able to paste table from other places such as sheets, excel into the Cover Page, Text and Header widgets and it will maintain the style that has been setup in the new Global Settings>Typography>Table section. 
  • As with the default style settings under the template "Table" section for the styles of your data tables, You are now also able to set the general font style, row font style, header font style and alternate row font style of these static tables added within your typography widgets.
      • Just like following all other global styling options, you will be able to override the global settings of the table inserted into those widgets by going to the table section of each widget to make any modifications
    • Adding these tables will not alter or change existing header, text and cover page stylings that have been set in place

SQL Provider - Support for MS Sql

Add All Accounts back to NinjaTrack

  • Users are able to select “All Accounts” from the Account drop-down in Monitoring -> NinjaTrack

Support Account Name in Custom Dimensions

  • “Account” can now be selected as a custom dimension.

Bug Fixes

Error message "Call to a member function getDefinition() on null" is resolved

Aggregate Metrics w/ Bing Ads Data Sources

  • When an account is missing Bing data sources in a template where Bing is used, reports  now display warnings and are no longer throwing errors.

Custom metric breaks when advertiser does not have DCM

  • If DCM is used in a custom calculated metric and the advertiser does not have DCM as a data source, 0s are now replaced in the custom calculated metric instead, and an error message is no longer thrown automatically.

Yext data error: Call exceeded polling limit

Search Impression Share displays as 0% (Shinobi) or 10%(Legacy) not <10%

  • Should show > 90% and < 10% now in the table rows.
  • For the total it still displays the full value. 

"Add notes" not displaying "Last Month" in trending charts

DBM does not allow replacements for line item and Creative dimensions

  • It is now possible to perform a find and replace  of “Line Item” and “Creative” dimensions

CSV Export updates:

  • For any dimension that has a date column in the widget, the human-readable date will now display instead of the epoch number.
  • The CSV column order will now match that defined within the template
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