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Apr 29 2018: Hotfix Release

Bug Fixes

The exit status code ‘139’ says something went wrong

  • Certain reports where failing when trying to run.  This has now been fixed.

PPT Bug - Report fails to generate PPT, though PDF works

  • This was happening for any request over 4mb.  This has now been fixed.

Facebook metrics don’t work with website clicks

  • Previously when the metric “Action:website clicks” was included in a Facebook Ads widget, other metrics would show the same value.  This has been fixed.

Database Connects with Field Names containing spaces

  • Previously for MySql having a space in a column name would cause issues connecting

Google Sheets authentication errors in a roll-up report

  • Previously running reports that were using roll-up reports and multiple connections were causing an error “Google Sheets: Request had invalid authentication credentials”.  This has now been fixed.
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