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Apr 9 2018: Hotfix Release


Google My Business Update / Sunset (required by April 10th)

Bug Fixes

Unable to parse email

  • Particular CSV emails were not parsing due to the line endings and the way they were being handled.

NinjaTrack - No toll-free numbers available

  • When the destination number selected was an 800 number, users were not able to purchase any NinjaTrack toll-free numbers without modifying the destination number to something different.

Missing a Common GA API Error Message in Error Retry List

Ninjatrack calls disconnected prematurely

  • We have now increased the timeout to 240 seconds.

Monitoring "clicks" number incorrect out of Legacy

  • Under the Monitoring - Accounts - Facebook tab, the "Clicks" number did not respect the Account settings for Facebook Inline Link Clicks.

Highcharts Tooltip Text Formatting in Shinobi Dashboards

  • The axis and data label settings were not being applyied to the tooltips

Percent rollovers on V2 dashboards are not formatted

  • Percent rollovers on V2 dashboards were not formatted as percentages.

Dashboard account switching / permissions

  • If an agency user does not have the “manager reports” permission, than the Reporting>Dashboards (Beta) tab will not be available
  • If an agency user accesses the Dashboards (Beta) tab and clicks to view a dashboard profile, the dashboard will have a dropdown of all accounts just as it currently behaves where you get to see any account using that particular dashboard profile
  • If an agency user selects the dashboard icon from other the account list OR the command center they will only see a dropdown list of the accounts that are using V2 dashboards and match their permission as to the accounts they have access to.  They will no longer see a list of all accounts.

Email Recipient Lists w/ White Space Sent Via SMTP

  • When trying to send an email via SMTP to a list of email recipients that contains some amount of white space (e.g., joe@ninjacat.io; paul@ninjacat.io), only the first address in the list received the email.

Email Parsing problem with date times

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