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Mar 29, 2017: Hotfix Release


Twitter Ads - add Tweet Dimension

ReachLocal API - Associate with the new  endpoint from ReachLocal

  • There is now a dropdown to select a gmaid for Reach Local at the advertiser level.  (users no longer have to type this in manually)
  • Any gmaid the account has permission for will now display in the dropdown when adding Reach Local to an account.

Bug Fixes

Cannot undo the override of chart color on template level

Adwords Change History report is duplicating data

Rollup Report Errors with Google Analytics roll-up report in both .PDF and .CSV files

Changing  custom metric formula to an invalid one can cause app to freeze

Dashboards: use the Widget Date Range

  • When a widget has an overridden date range (and is not set to default date range) - use the widgets date range and ignore the user's selection.

Print Receipt button in Agency Setup/Billing doesn’t work

  • Previously, clicking on the “print” button from setup>billing>receipt, would show a blank page.  This has now been resolved.

Running out of memory in template list and report list

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