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Setting up Version 2 Dashboards

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Dashboards Version 2 - BETA

  • Dashboards V2 is only available if the feature switch "Dashboard 2" is enabled. Speak to your Customer Success Representative to have this turned on for your agency.
  • On the agency level, the dashboard version can be set within Setup>Agency Settings>Dashboard Setting


  • By adding the "Dashboard 2" feature switch, the following tab will appear within the Reporting Navigation "Dashboards (Beta)" for users that have the "Manage Reports" or "View Reports" permission.


  • Under the Accounts tab, click into your account, then select Settings. Once the beta has been turned on, here you will find a new tab called "Dashboards Setting" which sets the dashboard that will be used for this specific account. If you have set Version 2 (Beta) at the agency level, by default the dashboard version will be set to "Version 2 (Beta) and the dashboard will be set to use the Default Selection.


  • In order to create various dashboard profiles you will have to go to Reporting>Dashboards (Beta) tab


  • Some things to note on this dashboard profile list page:
    • You can query on name of profile, networks, # of accounts and # of templates
    • Just like with the report list and template list, the network icons are a union of all networks being used in that profile. For networks that have the same icon only one will be displayed.
    • # of Accounts is the number of accounts that are using V2 Dashboards and selected that particular profile.
    • # of Templates is the number of templates being used in that particular profile
    • If you click on "view", you will only be able to select which of the accounts that are associated to this profile you would like to access.
  • Creating a Dashboard Profile:
    • You must give a name for a dashboard profile
    • You may or may not set a dashboard to be default. There can only be one default dashboard profile at a time. Those accounts that have set their profile to use "default" will change based on this setting.
    • By default, the "Last Month" date range will be set with 6 other predetermined dates to choose from. If you want the dashboard to have the option to select custom date ranges, then the toggle "Allow user to Select Custom Dates" needs to be selected.
    • In order to save a profile, you must add at least one template and provide a "view name" to it which will be used for the menu of your dashboard.
    • The templates can be changed it order by drag and dropping the row to reorder.
    • Under Dashboard Styles, you can choose whether you want to choose the account owner information in the header of the account dashboard and set a dashboard background colour and upload a dashboard logo.
      • If you do not select to upload a dashboard logo, it will display the account logo and if none exists it will display the agency logo.
  • When viewing the dashboard there will be a dropdown by the account name. This dropdown will include all accounts the current agency user has access to. If there are too many views and can not be fit on the allotted space a dropdown will appear to show all views to choose from.
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