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Mar 22, 2018: Hotfix Release*

New Features / Improvements

Add data source option to Reach Local

  • When selecting Reach Local as a data source within the template editor a new dropdown on the right sidebar will appear to specify which data source you want Reach Local to filter for.
  • There is no way to summarize and display all data sources aggregated with Reach Local.
  • Reach Local has multiple data sources that support the exact same dimensions and metrics.
  • This feature adds the ability for a customer to select a data source or relay on the default data source which is the first matching compatibility group.
    • This can cause confusion. If you are using the default setting and are not getting data returned, the desired data may be in a different Report Data Source.

Upgrade Google Ads SDK to latest version

  • There has been depreciation of the bid_type dimension on Google’s side.
    • Should not see "Conversion Optimizer Bid Type" as a dimension in the template editor.
    • Existing templates/reports containing the dimension "Conversion Optimizer Bid Type" will now throw an error.
  • The following dimensions should now be displaying “True” or “False”.
    • Bid automation (Target search page location)
    • Limited budgets (Target search page location)
    • Low quality keywords (Target search page location)
    • Bid automation (Target Outranking Share)
    • Low quality keywords (Target Outranking Share)
  • “Image Ad URL” should display an active link in reports.

Bug Fixes

Metrics should default to integer formatting, such as those for TradeDesk Video Views formatting

  • Metrics such as Video Views, Video Views 25%, Video Views 50%, Video Views 75% and Video Views 100% should appear as integers.

“View Reports” user can create new reports and dashboards

  • A user that only has the “View Reports” permission and does not have the “Manage Reports” permission will no longer be able to create reports nor create dashboard profiles nor edit or duplicate existing dashboards.

Copy Template - permission needs to be reset to public

  • After copying a template, the permission for that template will be set to public
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