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Feb 26 2018: Hotfix Release


Yext Improvements

  • The following improvements to Yext have been made:
    • Filter by client by means of "Locations" and "Location Address" dimensions
    • New metrics for "Google Search Views" and "Google Map Views"
    • Bing searches by week.  Any time that bing searches metric is used, the date will automatically consolidate to a Yext "week".  This is by design due to a Yext limitation.  They will only pass a week worth of data any time bing searches metric is used.
    • "Age and "Gender" dimension added
    • Average rating has been fixed

NinjaTrack Monitoring - always filter by advertiser

  • You are now able to filter your results set by advertiser within Monitoring>NinjaTrack page
  • The list of accounts will be based on user permissions
  • The list will only show the accounts that have NinjaTrack or previously had NinjaTrack

NinjaTrack Manage Pool

  • If you have a single number and you edit it, you will now be able to change that number to be considered a pool number by way of the new action button "Change to Pool"
  • From within Setup>Ninjatrack>Action there will now be an option of "Manage Pool" only available to pools.  Here you will have the option of deleting an individual line that is part of your pool or adding single lines from the same advertiser to your pool.

NinjaTrack - Pool Replacements

  • For pools, you are able to choose the format for replacements when you edit a pool by means of the # which will be a placeholder for a given number.


LinkedIN Widgets - no data returned

  • The error message: Undefined property: stdClass::$share has been corrected.

Instagram data source was listed as "Instagram Organic"

  • On the "add data source" screen, we renamed Instagram to "Instagram Business Profile"
  • On the template editor, the name has been changed to "Instagram Business Profile".

Instagram Organic - Dimensions with URL are not clickable in pdf previews or reports

  • Added correct hyperlinks to PDF previews and reports for URL-related dimensions.

Add 4 Google Fonts

  • The following fonts have been added: Source Serif Pro, Rokkitt, Poppins, and Karla

Remove/ignore empty tags in all tags drop-down lists

  • If tags are not associated with an account then they will not be seen within Accounts>Settings>Groupings section as well as all legacy "tags" drop-down lists for budgets, accounts, and campaigns within the Monitoring section

Shinobi Reports Run for Suspended / Cancelled Agencies

  • Reports will not be run for suspended/cancelled agencies

Zendesk chat widget no longer disappears on Template tab

When two transactions come into NT at the same time,  only the second one is added to the balance

Removal of bar on Shinobi v2 dashboard

New V2 Rollup Dashboard not showing full results

  • When viewing rollup reports in the V2 Dashboard, the data is no longer limited to only 10 accounts displayed.  However, this limitation still exists while working within the template editor.
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