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Custom - How to E-Mail Custom Data to NinjaCat

You can use the Email Connection to send custom data to NinjaCat for use in your Templates and Reports.  In order to do this, you will need to setup Email as a Data Source at the Agency Level.

At the Agency Level, select SETUP, then Data Sources, Then ADD NETWORK.




Give your Network a meaningful name and click on ADD NETWORK



You will then be asked to upload a CSV sample file.  Please note that this is only for the purposes of mapping.  No data will be imported during the upload.


You must add a Mapping for your file:


Include Dimensions:


Include Metrics:

You will need to determine how NinjaCat will process your file once received.  You can specify the way to identify what Account the file is for by one of the following ways:

  • A column in the data which matches to the Account Name.  The Account names in your data file must match exactly with the Account Name(s) setup in NinjaCat.

  • The External ID of the Account – if you select this type of matching then you must select the “Account Column” from the available headers from the sample you uploaded.  The External ID in your data file must match exactly with the External ID entered under the Account Settings in NinjaCat.

  • The ID of the Account (which can be found in the Account Export List)

  • A Unique email per Account - once you save the network, the button "Export Account Emails" will appear on the Network Settings Page which can be used to access each account's unique email address that all attachments should be delivered to.

Once the e-mail has been processed, you will receive an update and the data will now be available to be used in Templates.


Add Custom Data as a Data Source on the Template Widget.  Click the Pencil Icon to select the mapping to use.



If you require additional support, send an email to support@ninjacat.io



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