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Constructing a Data Widget - How to add Multiple Pages to a report to Extend Data Tables



When working with the Data Table Widget in the Template Editor, there are times when the number of rows of data will exceed what can be viewed in the report.  You will need to extend the table across multiple pages in order to accommodate this.



Select the Widget and scroll down in the right hand tool bar until you see the Starting Result and Result Limit fields.


For the first list of data, you would begin with a table a Starting Result of 1 to a Result Limit of 22 for example. 



You could then duplicate the slide.  Again select the Starting Result but this time set it to the begin just after the end of the previous result limit.  In this example you would set the Starting Result to 23 and the Result Limit to 40.




If you have additional rows not shown, continue this process increasing the Starting Result and Result Limit until the desired number of pages are contained in the report.


Please Note:

  • Version 2 dashboards will automatically show a scrolling bar on the dashboard which contains the missing results, so dashboard templates will not need additional tables
  • If you have extra pages at the end of your report that are blank, the blank pages will not be displayed in the final PDF
  • When using the Totals Row on your Data Table in the report, the totals will only be displayed for the rows of data on each It is not a cumulative total for all pages of data.


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