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Jan 29 2017: New integration: Constant contact, new dimensions for Bing + Yahoo, + more


Constant Contact

  • Added to agency and advertiser/account levels.
  • Works with Campaign Groups
  • No cost metrics or margins.


Adding support for NinjaTrack Switzerland

  • We now support adding Switzerland NinjaTrack numbers

Bing Ads - adding Support for Labels

  • New Dimensions are:
    Campaign Labels
    Ad Labels
    Ad Group Labels
    Keyword Labels

Add "Ad Landing URL" Dimension to Yahoo Gemini Integration

  • The ability to select “Ad Landing URL” as a dimension is now available and will provide a clickable link in ran reports.


Support for multiple profiles in DoubleClick Campaign Manager

  • If a user has multiple DCM profiles you can now pull data from the correct one.

Simpli.fi Geo Fence dimension loses details with View-Through visits

  • The Geo-fence address view will now display correctly with one or multiple dimensions or metrics selected.

'Buying Type' missing as Facebook dimension

  • Buying Type is now an available dimension with Facebook Ads.

Video Quartile Rate Metrics Always Show 0% in Shinobi

  • Quartile metrics were recalculated using video views which would return zeros and the weighted average now uses impressions allowing data values to return.

TradeDesk Ad Group Name Filter is Now Working in Scorecards

Simpli.fi - Image Click - go to Ad vs. Target

  • When selecting the ad link url from a report you are directed to a larger image of the ad.

Facebook - Create Ad Image Dimension

  • Facebook Ads now has “Ad Image” as a dimension

Reporting Error With Centro - missing December campaigns.

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