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Customizing a Template - Working with Tables in the Template Text Editor

In the Template Editor, you have the ability to create a custom table of static data for your use in reports.  This table may also be added to the report using copy and paste from any spreadsheet type application or a free format table to allow you to add your own data.


To create a table, Add a TextBox Widget from the right-hand toolbar and double-click in the text box.  Click on the at on the Text Tool Bar at the top of the page.



Here you will be able to select the number of rows and columns to add to the Table.



This does not mean you are limited to these Rows/Columns, you can always add more if needed.  In the example below, hitting TAB at the end of Test5 added another row in the Table automatically.




If you have an existing data in a spreadsheet or table, you may copy and paste it into a blank text widget.  It is important to note that you would not add a table to the Widget and then copy and paste.  This would result in having your data table within one cell of the table in your Template. 

Simply copy and paste your table by double-clicking in the text box.




  • There are several menu options that control and style cells and tables:
    • Table Header - adds a header row in gray background at the top
    • Remove Table - Deletes the table
    • Row - options to add rows above and below, and delete rows
    • Column - options to add columns before and after, and delete columns
    • Table Styles - includes dashed borders, no borders, and alternate row (highlighting) options
    • Cell - vertical and horizontal split, and merge option
    • Cell background - color selection
    • Vertical-align options
    • Horizontal align options
    • Cell styles - cell highlighting and thick border options


It is important to note that this is static data only.  If you update a table or spreadsheet outside of the Template, ie., in Excel, you will need to update your data in the Table in your Template as well.  There will not be any automatic updates.

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