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Jan 22 2018: Hotfix Release

Bug Fixes

Google Analytics - network dimension not showing in legend for charts

  • For existing templates that were using the old Default Channel Grouping from Google Analytics, the new network aggregation dimensions are now properly displaying the legends within the charts.  

Analytics shows N/A for network dimension instead of Default Channel Groupings

  • When using the new Network dimension for Google Analytics it used to show N/A for templates that were using channel groupings. This is now resolved.

Some templates using account groups cannot be saved

  • After the last release, if an existing widget was referencing an account group that no longer existed, the template was not able to be saved. This is now resolved.

Call Tracking Display Name Dimension is Always Blank

  • The issue with third party call-tracking display names not coming through in the PDF reports and template editor is now resolved.

Country names were not properly aggregating across multiple data sources

  • Inconsistencies between data sources in spellings of countries and country codes were causing countries not to properly aggregate. This has now been corrected.
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