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Jan 17 2018: New Network Dimension Across All Data Sources, New Adwords Reports, Add Table, Lock Templates, + more


 Add a new "Network" Aggregate Dimension

  • Users are now  able to pull data from different data sources and group by the underlying network instead of the data source name only.
  • e.g. Adwords has 3 networks underneath - Search, Display and Video.  This should show the underlying network name instead of just the data source name.
  • Sheets / Zapier / Email
    • Should be definable and can be pulled from mapped data (i.e. mapped as a dimension)
    • If the custom data is not mapped to the network dimension, the name of the data source is used instead:
  • The following dimensions were replaced with the new Network dimension:
    • AdWords:  Network
    • Bing: Network
    • Facebook: Publisher Platform
    • Twitter Ads: Ad Network
    • Analytics: Default Channel Grouping and MCF Basic Channel Grouping
    • Call Tracking: Source
    • Yext: Platform
    • Vendasta: Source Name
    • Simplifi: Data Provider
    • Gemini: Source
  • For call tracking: If the source returned is blank you will see "Unknown" returned, this is expected

NinjaTrack Whitelabeling

  • Agencies who are using NinjaCat's premium white-label services we will now be able to whitelabel the NinjaTrack name to anything as long as it fits within 3-15 characters. Speak to your Customer Success Manager for details.

Hubspot - support filtering by event type


Adwords - Display Keyword Performance Report

  • This report already exists. To distinguish these two compatibility groups the "Keyword" dimension will pertain to the Keyword Performance Report and a new "Display Keyword" dimension will pertain to the "Display Keyword Performance Report"
  • When using the Dimension "Keywords" you are unable to access "Display Keyword" and vice versa.
  • Example of display in image below (Keywords will vary agency to agency)

Adwords - Change Management

  • The main goal is to get counts of changes by type:
    • All Changes
    • Account Changes
    • Ad Changes
    • Bid Changes
    • Budget Changes
    • Conversion Changes
    • Keyword Changes
    • Network Changes
    • Status Changes
    • Targeting Changes
  • Adwords Change Management only supports queries for dates within the last 90 days. A clear error message will be thrown if the date range exceeds 90 days.
    • If running a report containing the Adwords Change Management report you will get a Data Error returned.
  • Date is not an available dimension. Only Last Changed Date. This is the Last Changed Date of the account. In other words, campaigns and ad groups can not be segmented by date.

Template Editor - Add Table

  • We've added the ability to insert a table from the toolbar of a specific number of columns / rows into cover page, text, and heading widgets.
  • Tables are added inside the widget with a black border:
  • All menu bar options that typically apply to text inside widgets, also apply to text inside the table
  • There are several menu options that control and style cells and tables:
    • Table Header - adds a header row in gray background at the top
    • Remove Table - Deletes the table
    • Row - options to add rows above and below, and delete rows
    • Column - options to add columns before and after, and delete columns
    • Table Styles - includes dashed borders, no borders, and alternate row (highlighting) options
    • Cell - vertical and horizontal split, and merge option
    • Cell background - color selection
    • Vertical align options
    • Horizontal align options
    • Cell styles - cell highlighting and thick border options
  • Cells can contain text, clips and embedded tables
  • No relation to the table styling of the template editor (global settings)
  • The data will not connect to an external data source
  • Formatting in tables will be carried to PDF and PPT reports

Template Permissions added (Public, Read-only and Private)

  • For all existing templates the permission is set to be "public"
  • Within global settings there is now a "Permission" section which is set by default to be "public" but has 2 other states of "Read Only' and "Private"
  • The user accessing the template and making permission changes will be set as the User, who is considered the owner and is able to add "Additional User(s)" to be considered owners as well.
  • If you want to change the permission of an existing template from Public to Read Only or Private and the template is associated to at least one report than you will receive a warning message stating that the template can not be made private but if you would like they can make a copy of the template and create it as private
    image3.png image7.png
  • For a Template with the "Read Only" permission"
    • Any user will be able to see the template in the template list
    • Only the owners and NinjaCat Admins will be able to delete the template
    • When other users are viewing the template the entire right pane is removed
    • Anyone is able to create a report using this template
    • Anyone is able to add this template to a dashboard profile
      • For a Template with the "Private" permission
        • Any non owners will not see the template in the template list
        • No reports can be created from private templates
        • NinjaCat Admins are able to see and access "private" templates

Hidden dimensions are preventing data from aggregating

  • Hidden dimension columns will not be segmenting data - data will only be aggregated based on the visible dimensions
  • Filters on hidden dimensions still apply and work as before


Metrics are being AVERAGED when a WEIGHTED AVERAGE should be applied

  • Currently these fixes have only been applied to Adwords.
  • Adwords: Impression Share - On the UI: Search Impr. share, Search Exact match IS, Content Impr. share.
  • Lost Impression Share - On the UI: Search Lost IS (rank), Search Lost IS (budget),Content Lost IS (budget), Content Lost IS (rank).
  • Youtube Cost per View (cpv) - On the UI: CPV

Supporting Account Groups with Mappings

  • Data should only return if you select an account which has the same account group and at least one of the data sources shares the same mapping
  • If you select an account that doesn't share both account group or mapping of at least one data source, then an error should appear stating no data is returned
  • For google sheets, data will appear for any account if the account group matches and there is no filtering.  If filtering is specified on the account level or a connection is applied to a particular account, than it will bring data back for only that account or any one that has the exact same match.

1 day date ranges do not return data in Gemini

  • Users were unable to select a single day date range and get data returned.

Instagram Organic not abiding by selected date range

  • Instagram Organic data was not falling into the selected date ranges selected at the template or widget level.

NinjaTrack keypress not distinguishing conversions

  • NinjaTrack is now properly accounting for conversions when selected for a particular keypress as long as all conditions have been met which includes meeting the conversion period as well as the conversion threshold.
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