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Troubleshooting click-to-call number swapping in NinjaTrack

If you are experiencing difficulties with your click-to-call phone numbers on your client's websites or landing pages not swapping properly, check that the following items are configured correctly:

  1. The correct formatting for an html click-to-call phone number is:  <a href=”tel:+(country code)(phone number)”>.  Here are a few examples of what this code would look like:

    • United States / Canada:  (country code =+1):
      <a href=”tel:+12125551234”>Call now: (212) 555-1234</a>

    • United Kingdom: (country code=+44)
      <a href=”tel:+4412345678”>Call now: 01 23 456 789</a>*

    • New Zealand: (country code=+64)
      <a href=”tel:+6412345678”>Call Now: 01 234 5678</a>*

    *Note that for local calling, the number would be dialed as: 01 23 456 7890 , however the correct formatting in the click-to-call number is to omit the leading ‘0’.

    Other country codes:
    Australia: +61
    Germany: +49
    Italy: +39
    Ireland: +353
    France: +33

  2. Verify that there are no spaces, brackets, hyphens, or any other characters in your href.  See above examples.

  3. Verify that local leading zeros are NOT included in the href.  For example, if you would dial a New Zealand number locally as: 03 123 4567, then the code that you would configure in your website is: <a href=”tel:+6431234567”>

  4. Verify that the plus-sign in front of the country code is included.

    • Correct:  href=”tel:+64123...”
    • Not Correct: href=”tel:64123…”
  5. Verify that the <script> tag appears on every page of your client’s website and ad landing pages. The script is unique to each client, not unique per number, so only one script tag per client is required.  Each script tag can be found in the portal by selecting: NinjaTrack, Actions,  Dynamic Number Script. Here is an example:
    <script src="https://scripts.ninjacat.io/js.php?nt_id=(client id)"></script>

If you have checked all of the above and are still experiencing difficulties, open up a chat or support ticket with our team or email us at support@ninjacat.io so that we can help you resolve the issue.

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