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NinjaTrack Troubleshooting - Phone Conversions Double-Counting as Web Conversions

If you're importing your goal conversions that represent phone calls into AdWords, then on NinjaCat those will be counted among your web conversions (on client dashboards and within PDF reports). We are then going to display your phone conversions (from NinjaTrack or a 3rd party call tracking platform) as phone conversions and we add web conversions + phone conversions for total conversions.

This means that If your phone conversions are included in your web conversions - then we're double-counting phone conversions, and your Total Conversion rates will be inflated as a result.

There are two possible ways to avoid this:

  1. Don't import your phone conversions into AdWords. While this is acceptable to some agencies, others want to import their phone conversions into Adwords to use them for bid optimization purposes.
  2. "Disqualify" the phone conversions from appearing in the "Conversions" column. They will STILL appear in the "All Conversions" column (in the AdWords interface) - and you can do your bid optimization using "All Conversions".

How to Disqualify phone conversions in Adwords:

  1. Log in to Adwords, under Tools → Settings, make sure that the checkbox next to Include in “Conversions” is unchecked, as shown here. Click “Save”.

  2. You can utilize the All Conv columns for optimizations. However, if you are using Google’s pre-built bid strategies that rely on conversion data, they work off the conversion column only and should not be used using this method.

  3. If you are using automated rules, you can still use the all conv columns to create your rules.

  4. If you are using manual bid adjustments based on conversion data, you should enable the all conv columns in your reports.

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