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I revoked a network in the networks tab but the password/token is still there

There are various reasons you may need to revoke a token in your networks tab. Perhaps you need to update your existing network's token or you need to redo your network connection.

You can revoke the token of your network connection so you can then reestablish the networks token/password. If you go to the Networks tab of your account, you'll find the Revoke Token option under Action:

Clicking the Revoke button will remove the token from the Password/Token(s) column of your Networks tab.

If you click the revoke button and the password/token still remains in the Password/Token(s) column, there are some additional steps you may need to take, depending on the network, to successfully revoke your token.

If you experience this issue with Google AdWords, you may need to revoke the NinjaCat token from Google's side. You can revoke the token with NinjaCat from Google's side by clicking on the Google Permissions option under Action

Make sure you are logged into the proper Google account when visiting this link and you should see NInjaCat as an option to revoke from your Google account. Once you revoke from Google's end and refresh your session with NinjaCat, the token should successfully be revoked.

If you try this process out and the token is still there, please contact our support team by clicking on the Support button in the upper right hand corner of your NinjaCat account.

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