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I only have 1 Facebook Ads account for all my clients. How do I only show data for a specific client?

Many agencies have 1 general Facebook Ads account which houses the campaigns for all their clients. This means when you add your Facebook Ads account to the Networks tab of your NinjaCat account, you only have 1 network option to connect to all of your clients. This means you do not have a client specific account to connect to a specific client and therefore if you connect your Facebook Ads account to 1 client, all the Facebook Ads campaigns will end up in their reports as oppose to only the Facebook Ads related to your client.

We have a solution for this scenario and it is a filter which is available in the Clients tab of your NinjaCat account. If your Facebook Ads account has multiple campaigns for multiple clients you can use the filter available in the Facebook Settings tab of the Clients tab's Client Settings to specify which campaigns should be reported on within your client's report.

First go to the Clients tab of your NinjaCat account and click the Action button next to the client you are reporting on Facebook for. Then click Client Settings.

From there open the Facebook Settings tab. If you haven't connected your client to Facebook yet, select the Facebook account from the drop down. If you have connected them to Facebook already you'll see a red X next to their Facebook account as shown below.

You'll notice the Facebook Settings tab also has a Campaign Filter box. This box allows you to list the specific campaigns that should show up in this specified client's reports. List each Facebook campaign in the exact spelling and spacing as shown in your Facebook Ads account. Once this is set, only the campaigns listed here will show up in this client's reports.

Please note, we also offer a campaign filter in the Facebook widget of your reporting templates. The filter in the reporting templates should be utilized if you need to only show certain campaigns from a client's complete list of campaigns. The campaign filter option shown above is available for Facebook Ads accounts that have multiple clients, each with multiple campaigns.

If you need any assistance setting up your filters or have any questions on campaign filters, please click on the Support button located in the upper right hand corner of your NinjaCat account and let us know. We would be happy to help you.

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