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How to update a client’s networks

If your client already has a client profile in the Clients tab, and their profile is already connected to networks from the Networks tab, your client's reports should be bringing in data from your designated PPC and SEO accounts.

We understand from time to time a client's PPC or SEO account may change or perhaps you have a new account you use for their data. You can easily make this update to your client's client profile in the Clients tab of your NinjaCat account.

In the Clients tab, click on the Action button next to the client you need to update and click on Client Settings.

From here click on the tab related to the network you need to update. (AdWords and Bing under PPC Settings, Analytics under SEO Settings)

If your client is already connected to a network from the Networks tab, you'll see a red X next to their account along with the account number. To select a different account to connect them to, click on the red X. This will disconnect the account from your client's client profile. Then the settings will reset to offer you drop down menus where you can select a new network and account to connect to your client.

If you come to this section and you do not see a red X, your client may not be connected to any network here in the first place. You will need to select which account they should be connected to. If you do not see the account you would like to connect, you may need to first add the network to the Networks tab to make it an available option for your clients. 

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