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Setting up Automatic Deployment for Reports

Under the Reports tab

  1. Go to the Report settings
  2. Adjust the Frequency the report will run, in this case we chose Monthly, and a drop down for day of the Month appeared
  3. Select the Day you wish the report to send on.  (Many networks recommend waiting a minimum of 48 hours after the desired time frame to ensure accuracy of reporting data.)
  4. Then select email settings

Continuing under the Reports Tab

  1. Go to Email Settings
  2. Enter the email address you wish the report to be sent to
  3. Set auto deployment to ON
  4. Update Report to save settings

*Multiple Email addresses can be added to the email Recipients Field, separate email addresses with a semicolon ;

*Make sure to send a test of the report to your own email to verify that it looks correct before turning auto-deployment on. 



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