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Search Engine Marketing - Troubleshooting Segment Filters

Below are some tips for trouble shooting a segment filter that's not working in your NinjaCat report.

  • Make sure there are no erroneous spaces in the segment name; it must be an exact copy from analytics.
  • A segment must either be created by, or shared with, the user who established the Google Analytics token in the NinjaCat Networks tab. If, for example, Charlie Brown established the analytics token in your NInjaCat Networks tab - and you're Snoopy - then you need to share your analytics segment with Charlie. So run through the following set of questions: (1) To which analytics network (within the NinjaCat Networks tab) is the client for whom you're puling a report connected? (2) Did you establish the token for that GA network? (3) If so, you're set. If not, determine who did and share your segment with that GA user.
  • A segment is limited to a maximum of 9 conditions. If your segment has more than 9 conditions, try combining conditions.
  • A regex expression within a segment is limited to 128 characters.
  • The date range for user-based segments must not exceed 90 days (which implies you can’t set the date range on a NinjaCat filter to be 90 days or greater).




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