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Page Breaks are on in my template but I'm seeing more than 1 widget per page.

The Page Breaks switch, located in the Template Properties tab of your template, formats your reports so only 1 widget shows up per page.

Having the Page Breaks switch turned on means only 1 widget will show up per page in your PDF report. If Page Breaks is switched OFF, then all widgets will show up one underneath the other, filling up all available space on each page of your PDF report.

In some cases, even with Page Breaks ON, you may see more than one box of data show up in your final PDF report. In the example below, the first page has 1 table while the second page has a graph and a table on the same page.

If you see this pop up, don't worry, the Page Breaks function is working correctly. The reason for this is some widgets have a graph and a table while others only have a table. The Page Breaks function shows 1 widget per page as opposed to 1 table or graph per page. In the example shown above, Account Performance has both its graph and table ON in the template so both are showing up together on the same page since they are part of the same widget.

If you would like to use Page Breaks and have your widgets broken out so only 1 table or graph shows up per page, you can do so by using 2 widgets for each widget that contains a graph or a table.

For example, if you wanted the graph and table of Account Performance to show up on separate pages of your report, you should bring in one Account Performance widget to your template and turn the graph ON and the table OFF. Then make a copy of that widget. In the copy (e.g. the second widget) turn the graph OFF and the table ON. This way there is 1 widget per table or graph and they will be separated by the Page Breaks function.

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