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My report is blank or missing data

The Reports tab of your NinjaCat account is where you can create, and manage all your automated reports.

If you have created a report in your Reports tab, ran your report, and your report came out looking like this:

that means there is no network data coming into your report. Don't worry this is an easy fix!

First check the Data Sources tab of your NinjaCat account. Click on your name in the top-rignt corner, then click Setup - Data Sources.  Confirm that the network you are trying to report on is in this list and has a valid token:


If one of your networks does not have a green status or has a "Loading error" when attempting to add the data source to an account, you may need to revoke and re-create your network token.

Once you have confirmed that all your networks are properly added and connected in your Data Sources tab, next check the Accounts tab of your NinjaCat account. Click on the Accounts tab, then find and click into the account in question:


From there, you'll see all of the Data Sources that are currently connected to this account.

If you need to add a Data Source to your client's account. Click on a row in the data sources to confirm that your account is connected to the correct data source, or click on the Plus (+) sign above the data sources section to add a new data source:


Once you have confirmed your networks are set up correctly and your client's data sources are connected to the appropriate networks, you can re run your report by clicking the "Run Now" option from your reports section:


Some of you may have your networks connected properly, and your Client Settings set correctly, but when you run a report, your report has blank tables, flat graphs, or is missing widgets all together. This is happening because no data for these tables and graphs is being brought into your report. If your networks and Client Settings are set correctly, the next thing to check would be the date ranges in your template.

Your template dictates what will show up in your report. You can check your template by clicking on the template option in your report menu:


Check the widgets of your template for date ranges. Can you confirm your networks have data available for the date's you have set in your widgets? For example, if your widgets are set to show Last Months data, does your client's network account had data for last month? If not, no data will show up in this widget.

The templates can recognize if a client is connected to a network or not so this way you can use a template for multiple clients. Lets say you have a template that shows, AdWords, Bing and Facebook data. You can use this template for clients that maybe just have AdWords or just have Facebook and the networks they aren't connected to will simply not show up in your final report. This saves you from creating a template for every client in your database but can also result in issues like the one's stated above.

Please double check your network settings, client settings, and your templates if your reports are not producing data. If everything checks out and your reports are still not producing data, then please email support@ninjacat.io and we can assist you further.

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