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Misc - My NinjaCat data does not match what is in my advertising account

NinjaCat integrates seamlessly with all of our supported networks (Adwords, Bing, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc) via a token through the Networks tab. All our network integrations carry over exactly what is in your network account. In most cases, any data you find missing or incorrect in your NinjaCat report is missing in your network account as well.

Here are a few common explanations that may help explain why our data does not match what you see in your report:


Data is "stale" or more than a few days old

Many advertising networks continue to make changes to data long after the time frame that a report has been run. Sometimes comparing network data to cached report data can give the appearance that there is a mis-match in the numbers.  Re-running the report in these cases or re-synchronizing the client's dashboard usually resolves many data inconsistencies caused from cached reports.


Using the wrong filters in your reports

If you have included any filters in your templates, this may be impacting the data that is being pulled in to your report. If you notice that a table in your PDF report is not producing the expected data, start first by checking the "filters" section of your template to add/remove any filters in your data.


Date mis-match

Always check the dates from both sources when comparing data. Sometimes you may believe that a report is running over a specific time frame but one table or report widget does not match the rest of the report.  


Data sampling in large accounts

Some reporting APIs have restrictions on very large amounts of data and use data sampling in API reports. For example in Google Analytics, if the total number of GA sessions exceeds 500K for the requested date range, data sampling may occur.  Visit this link from Google for more information on GA data sampling:  https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2637192?hl=en


Comparing two different metrics

Did you know that there are 3 different "conversions" metrics in the Adwords API (Converted clicks, Conversions or All Conversions)?  Or that a phone call conversion is different from counting phone calls? These are just two of the ways in which your data may not always match with what you see in your advertising networks. Our support team can help to diagnose if this explains the discrepancies you might notice in our reports.

Incorrectly sorted table or widget

If you are displaying a table of the top 10 ads, for example, and are seeing a lot of 0's in your report when you expected bigger numbers, you may not be sorting your data correctly.  Check which metric in your table is being used to sort (the one that is highlighted with a orange bar) and make sure that it is set to Descending order (click the down arrow in the widget title bar) to show the larger numbers first.


Reporting on the wrong network

When the numbers you are seeing in your report are way off from your expected values and none of the above explanations help, your client may be connected to the wrong Network!  Be sure to verify the account number by checking under the client tab, Action -- client settings.  If the account number is wrong, click the red X and select the correct network to update your client settings.

Still having problems?

Our team of support agents is ready to assist you if you are still having difficulties with data in your reports not matching. Feel free to open up a support ticket at support@ninjacat.io. Be sure to mention where you see different numbers, the time period, report name and any additional information you feel may help us resolve the issue.  

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