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I want to connect a network account to my client but the settings tab is blank

When you add a new client to your NinjaCat account in the Clients tab, you must tie your client's NinjaCat profile to whichever network or networks they require.

In the Add Clients section of the Clients tab, you'll see there are tabs for each possible network integration available in NinjaCat.

Each tab allows you to select which network and account you want to connect to your client's profile.

If you are trying to connect your client to a PPC, SEO, Call Tracking or Facebook account using these tabs, simply expand the tab you need to connect with and select the network and account from the drop down menus.

If these menus are not available, or you expand a tab and the tab is blank, this means your NinjaCat account is not currently connected to the network.

In the example above, the Facebook Settings tab is expanded but there are no options to connect to a Facebook network or account. This is because this NinjaCat account is not currently connected to a Facebook network. To correct this issue, you would need to go to the Networks tab of your NinjaCat account and click the "Add Network" button.

From there you can select the network you need to connect to NinjaCat. For instructions on how to set up your network, please reference our Network Connections article.

Once your network is connected to your NinjaCat account, you should now see drop down menu options or text boxes that allow you to specify which network and account your client should be connected to. 

If you need any additional assistance connecting your networks, please click on the Support button in the upper right hand corner of your NinjaCat account and let us know! We would be happy to help.

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