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I receive an error message when trying to connect a client to a network account.

If you are trying to connect your AdWords, Bing, Analytics, Facebook, or Call Tracking network to your client, or if you are trying to designate specific call tracking numbers via the Call Tracking Numbers option from the Client "Actions" drop down menu, you may see this error message or a message like this pop up:

If you see this pop up that means there is an issue with the network connection between the network account and NinjaCat. You can resolve this issue by establishing or reestablishing your network connection in the Networks tab of your NinjaCat account.

First go to the Networks tab of your NinjaCat account and double check that the network you want to connect to is listed and has a password/token in the password/token column.

If the Password/Token area is blank like in the example above for "Google AdWords 2", in the same browser open a second tab and log into your network account. In this example you would log into Google AdWords, but this also works with Facebook, Bing and Analytics as well.

Once you are logged into your network account in the second tab of your browser, go back to your NinjaCat account and click the Create button under the "Manage Token" column of the Networks tab. This will establish a token between NinjaCat and your network. You will be prompted in your network account to accept the token. Once you accept it the network should be set.

In the event you need to connect a Call Tracking network, refer to the Password/Tokens column to see what you need to fill out. In the example above, you can see CallTrackingMetrics requires an Access Key and Secret Key. These keys can be found in your CallTrackingMetrics account settings. If you cannot find the specific password/token needed for your call tracking account, contact your call tracking provider to locate the proper credentials to place in the Password/Tokens column.

If your Network already exists in the Networks tab and already has a password/token but you are still receiving an error message when you try to connect the account to a client, you may need to just reset the password/token. For AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Analytics, you'll see the "Revoke" button in the Manage Token column of the Networks tab. Click on the Revoke button and this will remove the token from the Password/Tokens tab. If you try this for AdWords and the password/token still remains, go to this link - https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions - and log into your account. You can revoke the NinjaCat token from Google's end from here.

Once the password/token has been removed, follow the steps listed above for establishing a password/token. For Call Tracking providers, you can simply delete the password/token from the Password/Token tab and copy and paste the correct password/token in.

This should solve the problem! If for some reason you follow all these steps and you still see a pop up error, please contact our support team by clicking on the Support button in your NinjaCat account. (Located in the top right hand corner).

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