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Facebook Conversions

For information on how to use Facebook conversions in the new templates beta, see: How to add Facebook custom conversion pixels

How to Report on Conversions in the New FaceBook Ads Widget

Facebook conversions are a "different beast" and a little different to report on than Google or Bing conversions. They are considered "actions" and with NinjaCat you have the flexibility to report on:

  1. All actions (and cost/action in aggregate)
  2. Specific actions such as "Likes" and "Video Views" (and the CPA for each action type)
  3. Custom conversion pixels (and the CPA for each conversion pixel)


In combination with reporting on selected action types and/or custom conversion pixels, you can also report on the following dimensions:

  • Age
  • Country
  • Gender
  • Placement
  • Region
  • Age + Gender

Here's an example of reporting on both a dimension (Age + Gender in this case) and specific actions (Likes, Link Clicks and Post Engagements):

This is where you can find the new Facebook widget:

Action Types

The Filters section of the Facebook widget is where you indicate the action types you want to include in your report. Each 'action' you select will become a column in your report. Action types are grouped into the following categories; the screenshot below depicts all those available:

  • Facebook Actions
  • App Events
  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Pixels
  • Custom Conversion Pixels

Custom Conversion Pixel IDs

Reporting on Custom Conversion Pixel Ids is easy. Just locate the pixel ID in the Facebook interface and cut/paste it into the Custom Conversion Pixel ID input area in your template. If you want to report on more than one, specify one ID per line. They must be an exact match. Note you do not need to select any of the other checkboxes, unless you want to report on actions in addition to the custom conversion pixel(s).

Column Headings

If you have selected to report on multiple action types (or custom conversion pixel IDs) - your column headings will labeled according to the action type names. For example, if you selected to report on Likes, Video Views and one custom conversion pixel ID, the resulting table in your report will have column heading: Likes, Video Views and whatever your custom conversion pixel name/label is.

If you choose to report on:

  • Actions in aggregate (e.g. you don't select anything in the filter area) or
  • Only one action

.... then you can use the Action Label feature of the widget to relabel the column from "Actions" to whatever you want to call it. For example, if you've selected to report only on Leads you would enter "Leads" in this area. The example depicted in the screenshot below would result in a table depicting the top 5 demographics by spend with the following columns:

  • Age + Gender
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Spend
  • Leads
  • Cost/Lead
  • Lead Value

And now you know how to report on Facebook conversions at FACE VALUE!





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