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NinjaTrack Integrations - Setting Up Your NinjaTrack Analytics Event Tracking

In order to get your NinjaTrack phone conversions feeding through Analytics, there are 3 simple steps to follow:

1. Make sure your client is connected to their proper Analytics account and profile in the Clients tab 

To double check this is set up correctly, go to the Accounts tab of your NinjaCat account and then click into this account.  Under the "Data Sources" section, click on the data source for Google Analytics and confirm that it is properly connected:


Verify that the numbers for your Google Analytics Account, Property and View match the account for which you wish to pass the call events.

If your client is not connected to Analytics, you'll see options to choose the proper Analytics account, property and profile.  Click on Save Setting to confirm your changes:


If you haven't connected your Analytics network to NinjaCat, click here to view how to go about connecting your Analytics network.

2. Make Sure Your NinjaTrack Number Has Analytics Event Tracking Enabled

After you create your NinjaTrack number and choose which client the number should be associated with, you'll see the Notification Settings offer the option to Enable Analytics Event Tracking. Make sure this option is selected.

3. Set up a Goal in Analytics

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click Admin at the top of the page.

  3. Choose the Account and Property that you wish to create the goal under.

  4. Choose the Goals tab.

  5. Click + NEW GOAL to create a new Goal.

  6. In the Goal setup step, select Custom, then select Next Step.

  7. On the Goal description step, create a Goal Name and select Event.

  8. the Goal details step, set Category Equals to call. The "Event value as the Goal Value" switch can be set to "Yes," or you can set it to "No" if you prefer.

    *Value field is for setting the length of the call to count as a conversion:
    • ex: setting value to 60 would set only calls over 60 seconds in length to count as a conversion
    • why would you do this: we may not want to count calls less than 60 seconds in order to filter out a call where someone calls and hangs up within a few seconds.

  9. Click Create Goal and your Goal will be ready.

Note: Goals will only register calls that occur this point going forward, it won't register goal completions for calls prior to goal setup. Keep in mind that it typically takes between 24 to 48 hours for new calls to register as Goals.

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