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Adding & Managing Users - How to give your client access to multiple dashboards

Each client profile you create in your NinjaCat account includes a dashboard for the client. The dashboard can be accessed by your client via www.mymarketingreports.com along with the username and password that is established within the Dashboard Credentials tab of the Client Settings within the Clients tab.

While it is now possible to report on multiple data sources from the same advertising channel in the same report (see How to Report On Multiple Accounts using Multiple Data Sources within the same Report), we understand many agencies have large, complex clients and sometimes it is easier to have multiple client profiles for 1 client. In these cases your 1 large client could have multiple usernames to access multiple dashboards which sometimes can be less than ideal.

NinjaCat does offer a solution to for your larger clients so they only need 1 username and password to see all their dashboards. You may be familiar with the Setup/Users tab of your NinjaCat account. The Setup/Users tab grants admins access to the back end of your account so administrators can add or update client profiles, create or modify reporting templates, or run or modify reports.

***Please note:  If you are giving an existing user these permissions, it will be necessary to delete the user and readd them with the steps below.




While the Users tab is designed to grant users admin access to your account, each admin profile offers you extremely detailed user permissions so you can pick and choose what your admin can do and see in your account. This means you could provide your large client with a manager account, but restrict their access so they can only see their specific accounts. This would allow your client to log into 1 URL with 1 username and password and see the list of all their dashboards in 1 view.

Follow these steps to set up your client as a manager in your NinjaCat account.

In the Setup/Users tab, click on Add User:

In the Add User section, first fill in your client's name and email address. Under "Roles", assign your user with the following "View" permissions so that the user can access their account dashboards and reports:


View Account Dashboards - This will give them the ability to click on any of the client dashboards under the Accounts tab. Scroll down to read how to configure the accessible accounts for this user.

View Agency Dashboard - This is optional - This will give them the ability to see the Monitoring tab of your NinjaCat account. Again, we will restrict which accounts they can see in the next step.

View Reports - This permission is also optional, but if you would like, you can give them access to the Reports tab as well so they can see all their reports and when they are scheduled to be sent to them.  "Manage Reports" gives the permission to modify or make changes to the existing reports. View Reports is read-only access.

How to restrict the accessible accounts:

Before you click the Invite User button, you'll want to set specific accounts for your client so they only can view their own content in your account, and not any of your other clients' information.  In the "Accessible Accounts" section, turn "Full access" off, and then select the client's accounts to grant them access:



Once you click Invite User, an email will be sent to your client with their username and password along with a link to log in. When they log in it will take them here just as if they were logging into their own dashboard.

Once they log in, they will only be able to see the accounts for which they were granted access:


If you gave the user "View Agency Dashboard" permissions, then the "Monitoring" tab will appear in their view where they can get a general overview of all their account's performances.


If you decide to also allow them to view reports from here, the Reporting tab will only allow them to view reports from their accounts. Notice the Action button is greyed out so they can only review, or download reports.


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