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Constructing a Data Widget - When to use previous period or previous calendar period

"Previous Period" is based strictly on the number of days in the requested Range the number of comparison days will always match 1:1 with the Range days.

 example: Range =  Last 7 days
 Comparison =  Previous Period
 Result =  The Previous 7 Days will be compared 

"Previous Calendar Period"
is based on the number of days in a calendar Range. 

 example: Range =  Last Month
 Comparison =  Previous Calendar Period
 Result =  The Previous Month will be compared


Previous Calendar Period should be selected when comparing month to month due to the different number of days in a given month vs another month.

  • example: Feb 1 - 28 vs. Jan 1 - 30 

Note: If Previous Period is used for Month-to-Month comparisons then we would loose 2 days from January

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