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How to Connect a Network

In this Overview we'll show you how to connect an Adwords MCC account to NinjaCat, this process is similar for most network connections.  

  1. Start by heading to the Networks tab in NinjaCat
  2. Then click the "Add Networks" button

  3. From the add networks page under "Add network connection" use the dropdown to select the network

  4. Choose the network you wish to connect, in this case we are connecting Adwords

  5. From the same internet browser window, add a new tab and login to your Adwords Account.

  6. Then head back to NinjaCat, Add a Unique Description for the Account your connecting so you can identify it later, this is especially useful if you connect more than one Account of the same network type.
  7. Click the "Add Network Account" button

  8. If you successfully logged into Adwords in the previous step you will then be prompted with a Google permissions popup to allow Ninjacat to access to Adwords
  9. Click the "Allow" button

  10. Once you click "Allow" you will then be taken back to the Ninjacat Networks tab where you will see a list of Networks including the Adwords Network you just added with its unique name.  


And that's it!



Next we'll show you how to:

  • delete the network
  • revoke the token

From the Networks tab using the "Action" dropdown for the network you wish to modify you can select delete network, revoke token.


To Delete the Network simply select Action, Delete Network


Revoking the token:

  • revoking the token allows you to disconnect the network without deleting it.
  • revoking the token can also be used to clear out the current token in order to generate a new token, in case of a network connection issue.

To revoke the token simply select, Action, Revoke Token.

Once revoked you then get the option in the dropdown to Create Token

  • This is similar to the original network connection setup
  • In order to create a token you need to be logged into the account you wish to connect in the same browser in a separate tab. Click Create token. You will then be prompted with a permissions page in this case by google to allow Ninjacat access to Adwords, Click Allow







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