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New Key Press Routing (IVR) and Off-Hours

Key Press Routing:

If you would like to use one call tracking number that routes to two different destination numbers, or you would like to use the same destination number but only count phone call conversions for sales calls, use key press routing, found under NinjaTrack → Actions → Manage Number:

  1. When using Key Press Routing, a caller greeting is required in order to direct the caller to press the appropriate key. To enter a caller greeting, under Call Settings, click on the check box to enable the option “Play a greeting to the caller”

  2. A caller greeting can be added one of two ways, either by uploading a .mp3/.wav file or by enabling text to speech. Select your method and add your greeting here: 

  3. Under “Call Routing”, set “Key Press Routing” to ON. Enter in the destination phone numbers that you wish to use for each key press*:

*Only two key presses are currently supported, and no call extensions are allowed. This is not designed to be a replacement for a business phone system.

4. You have the option to specify whether each key press should be counted as a conversion. For example, if your greeting was “For sales, press 1. For all other inquiries, press 2”, you could count key press 1 as a phone conversion but exclude key press 2 using these settings:

5. Click on “Update Number” to confirm your changes.

Alternate number during Off-Hours

Use this option to specify a different destination number during the business off-hours. Note that during Off-Hours, Key Press Routing will be disabled. 

1. To enable Off-Hours routing, under “NinjaTrack → Actions → Manage Number → Call Routing”, set the switch under “Alternate Number for Off-Hours” to ON.

2. Enter in the times when your business is CLOSED. So if your business is open from 8am-5pm, you would enter:

  • Off-Hours Begins at: 5:00 PM
  • Off-Hours Ends at: 8:00 AM

Using this setting will route all calls during the hours from 5PM the previous day to 9AM the next day to the number specified in the Destination # box.

3. You have the option to enable or disable the greeting that plays to the caller. For example, If you are also using Key Press Routing (IVR), you will want to disable the greeting during Off-Hours since Key Press Routing is disabled during off-hours. Set the switch to ON or OFF accordingly. 

4. Click “Update Number” to confirm your changes.



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