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Dec 19 2017: New Integration: Google Analytics MFC API


Google Analytics MCF

  • This is a helpful link explaining Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funneling
  • The data in the Multi-Channel Funnels reports can be delayed 24-48 hours beyond the data shown in other Google Analytics reports. Multi-Channel Funnels data collection lags by up to two days; therefore, data from today and yesterday is not available in your reports.
  • The API allows specifying a maximum of 7 dimensions in any one request.
  • Multi-Channel Funnels report queries return data based on a sample set of 1 million conversion paths. If the date range includes a total conversion count of 1 million or less, the report will be unsampled. Otherwise, a sample set of 1 million will be used to generate the results.
  • DCM dimensions can only be queried if the Google Analytics account is an Analytics360 account
  • Currently there are only two compatibility groups.
    • Analytics Meta Api Compatibility Group
      • This will be all of the already available Google Analytics dimensions and metrics
    • MCF Reporting Compatibility Group
      • Dimensions:
        Adwords Ad Content
        Adwords Ad Content Path
        Adwords Ad Group
        Adwords Ad Group ID Path
        Adwords Ad Group Path
        Adwords Ad Network Type
        Adwords Campaign
        Adwords Campaign ID Path
        Adwords Campaign Path
        Adwords Creative ID Path
        Adwords Criteria ID Path
        Adwords Customer ID Path
        Adwords Destination Url
        Adwords Destination Url Path
        Adwords Display Url
        Adwords Display Url Path
        Adwords Keyword
        Adwords Keyword Path
        Adwords Match Type
        Adwords Matched Search Query
        Adwords Matched Search Query Path
        Adwords Placement Domain
        Adwords Placement Domain Path
        Adwords Placement Type
        Adwords Placement Url
        Adwords Placement Url Path
        Adwords Targeting Type

        Basic Channel Grouping Path
        Campaign Path
        Conversion Date
        Conversion Goal Number
        Conversion Type
        DCM Ad
        DCM Ad Path
        DCM Ad Type
        DCM Advertiser
        DCM Advertiser Path
        DCM Campaign
        DCM Campaign Path
        DCM Creative
        DCM Creative Path
        DCM Creative Version
        DCM Creative Version Path
        DCM Network
        DCM Placement
        DCM Placement Path
        DCM Site
        DCM Site Path
        Keyword Path
        MCF Basic Channel Grouping
        Medium Path
        Path Length In Interactions Histogram
        Source Medium Path
        Source Path
        Time Lag In Days Histogram.
      • Metrics
        First Impression Conversions
        First Impression Value
        Impression Assisted Conversions
        Impression Assisted Value
        Total Conversions
        Total Conversion Value
        Assisted Conversions
        Assisted Value
        First Interaction Conversions
        First Interaction Value
        Last Interaction Conversions
        Last Interaction Value
    • The following should be available in both compatibility groups
      • AdWords Ad Group ID
      • AdWords Campaign ID
      • AdWords Creative ID
      • AdWords Criteria ID
      • AdWords Customer ID
      • Campaign
      • Medium
      • Source
      • Source / Medium
      • Transaction ID
      • Date
      • Day of Month
      • Day of Week
      • Month of Year
      • Quarter
      • Week of Year
      • Year


Report List - Performance Improvement

  • SQL enhancements have been implemented to improve lists in the following areas: command center, dashboard list, and report list screen.

Add Fira Sans font to the template editor

  • Available in all settings where font type is selectable

Support for Lato-Light Font

  • Anywhere within global settings or the widget font settings where you are able to select the font type, there is another dropdown which has 4 options to choose from: Default, Light, Normal, Bold and Bolder.
  • Default is whatever we put in our css for different widgets.
  • Note that not all fonts are supported by font weight


Month of year (name) filter does not work in Google Analytics

  • This is more NinjaCat facing to serve as a note to let support know this works now.

Close button doesn't work for GS when changing mapping

  • Google Sheets mapping dialog now closes properly

Hanapin report won't run due to size of the data

  • This report should now run successfully

Default data label setting seems to be bolded

  • Data labels no longer look bolded unless set to be that way

Google Adwords has two dimensions called "Feed placeholder Type"

  • There is no more duplication of this dimension. One of them has been renamed Extension Placeholder Type.

DoubleClick CTR Is Not Correct

  • NinjaCat created a calculated metric for CTR because the numbers are not consistent that come directly from API.
  • The following fields were updated to be calculated instead of coming from the API for DCM.
    • CTR
    • CPC
    • Activity Per Click
    • Activity Per Thousand Impressions
    • Cost Per Activity
    • Cost Per Revenue
    • Dynamic Element Click Rate
    • CPM
    • Paid Search Click Rate
    • Rich Media Click Rate
    • Video Interaction Click Rate
    • Revenue Per Click
    • Revenue Per Thousand Impressions

AdWords CPV (Cost per View) metric is not correct

Unexpected Empty Rows in Sheets API Responses

GMB End Date Calculation

GMB Date Range Cap

  • The GMB API did not allow date ranges older than 18 months from the current day.
  • When the date is more than 18 months, reduce the date.
    • The date being reduced will show the most recently available date to display.


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