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Dec 12 2017: New Integrations, Custom Dimension Creation, Graph styling options, + More!



Integration: MailChimp

  • MailChimp requires that you create an api key per account, which should be added at the agency level and connected to the appropriate account under the accounts tab - data sources.
  • Example: if an agency has 10 accounts they will need to setup the MailChimp data source at the agency level 10 times, then connect to each account separately.
  • Supports Campaign Groups.

Integration: Hubspot

  • There is an api request limit of 40k per a day.
  • Supports Campaign Groups


Graph Styling Options

  • New options for Graph Widgets:
    • Global Settings Chart General Style: Font, Color, Size and Weight.
    • Global Settings Chart Legend Style: Show Legend, Layout, Alignment and V Alignment.
    • Added Metric Overrides (for line / spline graphs only):
      • Symbol Size
      • Symbol options: circle, square, diamond, triangle, triangle-down
  • Collapsible submenus were added under Properties:
  • Data Settings
    • This will default to open while the others will default to collapsed
    • Chart Title, Type/s, Stacked option, and Show Date Range were moved here
  • Chart Styles
    • General - Font type, Font emphasis (B/I/U), font color, background color, font size
    • Series Styles: Border/Line style, Symbol type, Symbol size
    • Data Label Settings: Disable/Enable data label, label format, font type, font emphasis, (B/I/U), font color, and font size.
    • This widget level setting overrides global settings.
    • Series Style settings and data label settings override general settings.
  • Axes Settings:
    • Dimension Axis - Enable/Disable, rotation, Font Styles
    • Metric Axis - Show metric axes, Multiple Y Axes moved here, Max, Interval settings were  moved in here. New font styles - Font Color, Size, emphasis.
  • Legend Styles
    • Vertical and Horizontal alignment
    • Legend items layout: vertical, horizontal
    • Width, padding between symbol and label, distance between legend items
    • Font, Font Size, Font Color, Font Emphasis, text overflow
    • Background Color
    • Border width, Border color
  • Metric Overrides
    • Show/Hide Comparison, symbol type and width, Border/Line color and width

Bar Graphs - added ability to flip the results without changing the sorting

  • There is now the option of "Reverse Metric Axis" within the Axes Settings>Dimension Axis tab which allows you to flip the results without having to change the sorting.  This will work for all chart types excluding the pie chart.

Shinobi Template - Landscape vs. Portrait and Margins

  • You are now able to create templates that are either in landscape or portrait mode, as well as set up margins for each of your templates by going to Reporting>Templates>Create Template>Start from scratch.
  • The same setting will be applied to each page of the template.
  • There is now a page prior to the template itself where you get to set your selections.  For margins, the following has been pre-selected and are the same for pre-existing templates.
  • Once you have chosen your mode and margins, you will not be able to edit them.
  • Portrait or Landscape mode and page margins will be respected for templates, reports and dashboards.

Added support for Adwords Call Metrics Call Details Report

  • Users can now report on call metrics using Adwords as their datasource.
  • Call Metrics Report:
  • Dimensions:
    • Ad Group ID
    • Ad Group Name
    • Call End Time
    • Caller Area Code
    • Caller Country Code
    • Call Start Time
    • Call State
    • Call Source
    • Call Type
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign Status
    • All Date Dimensions
  • Metrics
    • Call Duration
    • Calls

Added Support for Custom Dimensions and Regex Modified Dimensions

  • Users are now able to locate and replace strings inside regular and custom dimensions using a simple find-and-replace feature or by applying a regular expression against the same strings.
  • Common Regex syntax is supported.
  • String replacements can be made case sensitive or insensitive
  • Multiple string replacements of either type can be set against a single dimension. The replacements will be executed in order.
  • String replacements can only be applied against string-based dimensions and custom dimensions. Other types of dimensions, such as dates, cannot be used.
  • For custom dimensions, string replacements must be set for each normal dimension which is part of the custom dimension, separately.
  • String replacement operations precede filters in order of execution.
  • In cases where a string replacements cause consolidation of data, regular data aggregation rules apply.
  • Non Segmenting Dimensions are now supported for custom dimensions.
    • These dimensions will not partition the data - it will simply display the first value that is returned from the API.
    • If there is more than one value - all other values will be aggregated together using the regular aggregation rules.
    • Users must select at least one dimension value for a data source in custom dimensions. Users do not need to select additional dimensions.

NinjaTrack - Add Notes, Tags in Monitoring/Reporting

  • Within Monitoring>Ninjatrack page you now have a new column "Details" which gives you the opportunity to enter Notes, Tags and Rating of a call.
  • You are able to add 500 characters worth of notes which will appear as an available dimension for the call tracking network within the template editor.
  • You are able to add new tags or select existing ones if you have the "Manage NinjaTrack" permission or just select existing tags if you have the "View NinjaTrack" permission.  Tags are now an available dimension that exists in the call tracking network within the template editor.
  • Rating can now be updated here and will update if using the legacy dashboard.  This will appear within the rating and star rating dimension of the call tracking network within the template editor.

Graph Settings Updates

  • Several enhancements have been made to the styling of the templates:
    • You are now able to control the widget title and date for table, pivot table and graph widgets from the global settings level as well as on the widget level
    • On the Global Settings Tab there is now a new tab under the Theme section title "Widget Title" which includes the "Main Title Style" and "Date Title Style" Tabs.  As you can tell you are able to select the font, bold, underline, italics, font colour and size.
  • To override the global settings of the title section, each widget within the "Style" section will have a sub-section of "Title" where you will be able to override the global settings.

PowerPoint Report Type / Generation/ Preview

  • When setting up a report from a new template, you are now able to create a PowerPoint File Type by selecting the new option "PowerPoint" under the File Type Dropdown:
  • Just like that of CSV or PDF, once you have selected and saved your choice of file type, you will not be able to change it.
  • When the report is downloaded or sent as an attached file it will have a .pptx extension and can be opened / viewed in powerpoint.
  • If you have a powerpoint report that is published to a dashboard, it will appear as any other report, but if you choose to download it (in Version 1 of dashboard), it will download as a PowerPoint file with .pptx file extension.
  • You also have the option to preview any template in either PDF or PowerPoint format.  Upon clicking the PDF preview icon you will now be able to choose which format you will view your template.

Simpli.fi - Campaign Type Dimension

  • The new 'Campaign Type' dimension should be available in any compatibility groups that also have 'Campaign Name' available.
  • Can be filtered.

Add a switch to reports to not include the attachment

  • When creating or editing a report there is now an "Attachment Mode" dropdown within the email section.  
  • By default if a report is sent out it will be included as an attachment to the report email.  However, you can also decide to select "Do Not Include" which will not contain an attachment when the email gets sent out.

Zapier API Feed Updates

  • Users are now able to insert and update Zapier data records via an API call.
  • "Client_external_id" is a new optional parameter that can used to reference accounts via the External ID. If any external ID is specified, the "client" parameter is not required, and vise versa.
  • "Row_id" is a new optional parameter that can be used to update existing zapier records. Users must know the record id number they want to update to be able to send an update message.
  • "Row_id" is returned on all successful zapier data submissions. If a new record was created, a new row ID is generated and sent back in the response. If an existing record was updated, that row ID is retuned.
  • Sample submission looks as follows:


"client": "1776 Rising",

"date": "December 2, 2017",

"data": {"metric": 1500.34, "currency":"$1", "Percent":"444%"}


Support Hour of Day in Bing Ads

  • The "Hour of Day" Dimension is now an aggregatable with Adwords and Call Tracking

Additional Report Email Tags and additional fields

  • There are now 3 more available placeholders that can be used within the email template which are {ACCOUNT_PRIMARY_CONTACT_EMAIL}, {ACCOUNT_OWNER_PHONE} and {DASHBOARD_URL_AUTOMATIC_LOGIN}.
  • The {DASHBOARD_URL_AUTOMATIC_LOGIN} placeholder provides a link to give users the ability to access the dashboards without  having to log in.  If at anytime the account is deleted, this URL will no longer be usable.
    • The dashboard that will be displayed will be that set from the account level.

Migrate Twitter Ads to V2 (Legacy and Shinobi)


Google sheets Mappings in New Client Dashboards

  • Mapping widgets such as google sheets, zapier and email integration now load in the new V2 Dashboards

Update NinjaCat Receipt address with current address

NinjaTrack daily digest no longer sent out for Deleted client and cancelled number

Unique Outbound Clicks metric now correctly named in Facebook Ads

'Campaign Type' dimension for Simpli.fi is now available as a filter.

Updated the icons for Google Places & GMB

  • The new Icon for Google My Business is: 
  • The new Icon for Google Places is:

Instagram Organic account can now be added on the advertiser level

  • Users who previously experienced a "Loading error" when trying to add Instagram Organic should now be able to connect the data source to their advertisers.

Added Objective as a dimension in Facebook network

Vendasta - unable to filter by Source Name

  • You now have the ability to filter by Source Name and by metrics.

Table Styling- Issues with Transparency for global and widget level settings

  • Transparency in table widgets is now behaving as expected.

V2 Dashboard- When changing the account, the dashboard profile does not change

  • Now as an agency user when you are viewing a V2 Dashboard and you change the account, if the account is using a different dashboard, it will updated accordingly.

Dashboard Icon within the Command center does not get updated to the appropriate dashboard unless you refresh the page.

  • If you now change your dashboard version and click on the dashboard icon that appears on the command center page, you will be taken to the correct dashboard that you just changed to.

Dashboard Users going to V2 Beta do not see any data

  • Any dashboard user who is going to see a V2 Dashboard will now see all data from all widgets that they are expecting to see.
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